TGWP and singing...TONIGHT!

Yea you read that right. Tonight is our schools infamous VARIETY SHOW! I dont know if I should be nervous or excited. I’m not really worried about flubbing something up, but I am worried how people will take it. I’ve been in choir forever, and a lot of really talented musicians told me to stick with doing the show cause what they heard they liked. I’m not too sure about myself, but if they say Its good I might as well. What I am worried about though is how people are going to take it. “Him?! Singing?!” kinda thing. There are a few specific people I have in mind who would pull that crap. Personally I think they suck, but you know high schoolers these days :rolleyes:

For those who are actually curious, I am going to be singing 2 songs in a remix. Hooverphonics “Electro Shock Faders” and “Eden” (Eden is obviously lowered for the guys part :smiley: ). I am doing this with probobly the most musicly talented student at our school, Dan. He said he liked the songs and we took it from there. Its all acoustic…and VERY spacey…I love it. Well if you all want to download it so you can tell what the heck I am doing, be my guest. I hope I dont screw something up. Everyone at our school will be there…or atleast till the auditorium packs up…so I’m guessing 300-400 people…Oi…:eek: