Thank God for Comcast's Connection Backup Program.

Well, well, boys and girls, it couldn’t last forever. @Home’s fortunes are in the toilet and the member cable companies are left footing the disaster relief. But fortunately, Comcast is on the ball, even giving customers a free backup dialup connection.

Yep, this is a cable company that’s on the ball!

What the fuckin’ hell? That ain’t no competent “connection backup program”! That’s NETZERO! Are you insane enough to seriously offer NetZero and 10 hours a month of craptacularly clunky internet service as a replacement for unlimited high speed broadbrand? The “We’ll Give You 10 Hours If You Figure Out The SUPER-SECRET NON-BUSY SIGNAL PHONE NUMBER We Won’t Give You” ISP. The “Craptacural Buggy Adware” ISP.

I feel like beating someone at their headquarters with a fresh trout!

Couldn’t they have made arraingements with a real ISP like Earthlink or somebody like that? Or hell, they could have just said that you were on your own, instead of insulting our intellegence by ploping a link to NetZero and calling it a backup!

Lord Love a Duck!

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