Thank You Dopers

As more of a lurker on the SDMB I just wanted to thank the fine dopers for some great recommendations I get from Cafe Society. A couple quick examples that caused me to open this thread.

Several months ago there was a discussion on song covers and someone recommended the podcast Coverville. I’ve never looked back and it is now my favourite podcast.

I don’t have cable or watch TV too much. It’s the threads here that got me hooked on Heroes and checking out the online graphic novels

I was also quite clueless whenever anybody mentioned Joss Whedon. I rented Serenity a couple months back and really enjoyed it and just recently picked up the entire Firefly series. I quite enjoy it even if the spoken chinese is so horrendous that my wife couldn’t understand it (she’s Tawainese). She actually watched and enjoyed a couple shows with me and Sci-Fi is definitely not her cup of tea.

Thanks for confirming something the producers themselves were wondering… whether or not people who spoke chinese were sitting there thinking, “What they hell did he just say???”

It appears that about half the time she’s able to recognize what they were trying to say although it’s worse than my mangled Mandarin but the remainder she has no clue. I thought maybe they were speaking Catonese but apparently not. I’m able to pick up about 2% of it myself. I like to have the subtitles on when I watch shows but they don’t subtitle any of the Chinese. I wish they did even if it was subtitled in Chinese.