Thank you for brightening my day.

Mundane, possibly, but really not pointless.

After posting this pit thread about difficulties getting my poor, elderly grandmother’s lift chair repaired, Zsofia sent me a very kind, thoughtful PM.

Small gesture or no, it really brightened the day.

Freel free to contribute with your own thanks for random little acts of kindness.

I put a note in my wife’s lunch box with one word on it: The name of the restaurant we had our first date at :slight_smile:

Yesterday, (Friday) there was a line up at the til. A very stressed out looking woman only had 2 items+Plus a squalling baby, and a shrieking 2 yr old. I let her in front of me, partially to make her day easier, but also because I didn’t want duet de brats behind me in line…

I made faces at the 2 yr old, distracting him from his tantrum, while mom calmed the baby.

By the time she paid for her 2 40 oz bottles of scotch, it was happy family time!

(Just kidding she was buying wet wipes and a quart of milk)