Thank you for making my day so rewarding..

I know beforehand I’ll probably be reviled here, but this is a good forum (after spending 6 months watching it) to let my hair down. So here goes.

I try to be the best person I can be but… I shall start at the very beginning… it’s a very good place to start…

Fuck you, whoever left nails on the road from recent road works. It was such an AMAZING experience today to drive through your roadworks ( cos there’s no where else to drive) and have a tyre bust. YAY it really made my morning. Late to work, kids late to school. but YAY. We can deal with that…

But also…

Also thank (i mean FUCK) you, while I, with two kids on the way to school, (now very late and also I am seriously late for work) for watching me change the tyre. I’m sure that there’s waaaay more important things that you could do. Seriously, the two of you directing the (nonexistant traffic) around me, made my whole day. I felt really much safer then.

And thank you, for whoever is up there, for making a hard day at work, harder… and then… LATER… to the person who ran into my car…

I hope you fucking sexually mount a cactus by accident for driving on the road while talking on your mobile phone. You nearly killed me and my stepkids. And my new(ish) car is in ruins. Fuck you. It’s raining and I’m in Sydney in peak hour and after swerving a few times, unexplainably across the road, you crashed into me. Thank you for endangering my life and others and causing me countless damage and inconvenience.

And while I’m at it. FUCK YOU for still talking on the phone after you had totalled my car.

Should I go on… ? Today I have a LOT to get off my chest.

(But thank you to the lovely man, who stopped to pick me up after my car was hit by the prat on the mobile phone. You made my day. You probably don’t even read this, but if you do, I owe you a beer)

Wow. Some days just suck. I hope you have a better tomorrow.

Why would we revile you (or is it revyle?) for that?

You are quite welcome for the ride. I could tell you were in for a hell of a day.

…Now about that beer.

Good pitting. I don’t think you’re going to be reviled, at all.

I really liked the cactus line, too. :smiley:

Is “tyre” a common alternate spelling?

It is for non-American English speakers.

Man, what a crappy day. No reviling from me.

What’s a “prat”? If it’s good, I could apply it around this place.

From here,
prat - Noun. A fool, idiot or objectionable person. Originally meaning the buttocks.

Thanks. Also, thanks for the new bookmark!

That must have been interesting to hear on the other end.

“So anyway, are we good to go for 3 o’clock tomorrow? . . . What? Huh? What noise? Oh, that? No big deal–I just ran over some old lady’s car. . . . Yeah, well, she was hangin’ her ass out right where I wanted to drive–what was I supposed to do? So, anyway . . . what? Nah, I’m sure she’s all right. It was just some lady and her kids. Don’t think my car’s dinged up too badly . . . So like I say, are we good for 3 o’clock tomorrow? If this meeting’s gonna happen, it’s gotta happen tomorrow–we’ve been draggin’ our ass for too long on this . . .”

Guys - Thanks all for the nice responses.

A stiff drink last night and a good night sleep made all the difference. And it’s amazing how therapeutic a pitting is.

Bryan RE: Revile. (revyle) :wink: I didn’t mean that. I was concentrating on the rest of the grammar and spelling so much I left a big doozy in the opening sentence. At first I meant I revile these people (that I ranted about), but decided that usig that word just wasn’t as satisfying as the swears/cactus references and general insulting. However, getting carried away with all my swearing meant I screwed up my opening paragraph. Sorry about that. Gah. I’m babbling!

Snoopy Re: Tyres. That’s how we spell it here. I spelt it specifically like that just to confuse you! (totally joking of course)

Inigo - beers all round!

MrBusGuy - re: prat. I have a million insults like the word prat I have yet to unleash. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! I was thinking about that. It was so rude! The driver was a kid, not much younger than me. Thankfully driving daddy’s car so they’re insured. I would say it’s gonna be one hell of an excess though. Hope it’s a lesson learned early for them.

Incantatrix: Congratulations on your virgin Pit thread. Clearly you have a remarkable prose style that bodes well for our future reading pleasure! Fun read, even with the Australianisms thrown in, which I know was intentionally to challenge us Yanks. (By the way, what in the holy Hell are “paddocks” – around here, they’re horse enclosures, but it sounds like every Australian jounces happily across “paddocks” whenever he or she exits the front door!)

Anyway, nice Pitting!

Thanks for the welcome Polycarp.

You’re right on two accounts there.

a) A paddock is like a field, and yes, sometime horses are enclosed in them
b) Every* Australian JOUNCES. And happily! Just reading the word “jounces” makes me want to jounce more!

(*gross sweeping generalisation here. Perhaps “every” should be interpreted as me.)