Thank you Sampiro for helping me to win an argument. (bit long)

For the past few years my SO has been religiously reading the sdmb to the point where he’s come up for one of his three monthly weekend visits, and he spends a good deal of it reading the Straight Dope! This is his favorite message board, and it’s probably in the top 5 websites that he checks religiously. I finally started reading the sdmb to try to understand his obsession and lurked for a bit. Finally I joined the Straight Dope and post occasionally, but I normally lurk in a good deal of threads in the IMHO, MPSIMS and the Pit. That’s where I started reading about Sampiro’s very colorful family. I read about his family antics like they were my guilty pleasure novels that I read in bed before I go to sleep.

So fast forward to tonight.

My brother drove up to my apartment to drop off some stuff I left at home over the summer while I was visiting. He drove up on his day off, but he knew he had to go back in case they called him into work because there was a possibility that they needed him in case the restaurant got busy and the waiter on duty couldn’t handle it alone.

He stayed a bit too long since he had a crappy day and just wanted to hang out with people. Our mother (the owner of the restaurant where he works) calls in a panic saying he needs to get back to the restaurant RIGHT NOW. So my brother started driving the hour back to Berkeley.

At this point I tell my SO that I hope my mom isn’t too mad at him for not being on call like he said he would. I mean, it’s his day off, and he needed to hang out and get his mind off of his crappy day. My SO asked me why we put up with our crazy family because of all the restrictions that they place on us, and all of the pressure that they put on my brother and me. He asked why my brother doesn’t just take off since he doesn’t get much privacy from working with our mother.

I told him “hey, if Sampiro can put up with his family, I can put up with mine!”

That shut him up pretty quickly. Haha if you could have seen the incredulous look on his face, you would be laughing too! I think it shocked him that I could use his precious Straight Dope to get back at him. So thank you Sampiro for helping me to win an argument. And for getting TonyF to give me the :eek: look in real life. It was pretty awesome.