Thank you

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure. I’ve enjoyed the SDMB as much as anything over the past 20 years, but as you may have noticed, I’ve grown increasingly irritable and argumentative over the past 2, 3 years because of things happening in my personal life… of which I’ve dropped hints… and the online universe of which I have put myself into has grown just as irritable and argumentative because of things happening outside our personal lives (and within them, as well).

And I’m not handling all of this well: when I get to arguing Food Banks in order to defend the ex-wife who… fuck, let’s just leave it at that, OK? … anyway, when I get to that point, it’s probably time for me to step back a bit and work some shit out, because that is just a very weird space to be in.

I’m not leaving, flouncing, or whatever – just going to be sending an email asking the mods for a temporary suspension* until one or more of the following occurs:

  1. I get the divorce worked through
  2. Trump resigns/dies/gets voted out/the Senate flips
  3. I need to re-up my sub in May
  4. I get the kid in college

When I get through 1 & 4 (or #2 happens), I’ll be back, ready to make the take that needs to be made. And I’ll have just one fuckin’ epic post about this divorce… you think my dramas in
Phone book delivery
Homeowners Association

… are something, just wait. Holy fucking shit.

But before I go, one last thing. As my actions were public, I feel that this should be as well:

(I’m 99.9972% sure he’s put me on ignore - if someone can volunteer to PM him this, that would be great.)

Again, thank you. And I’ll be back!

*Is there a variant where I can’t post, but can still PM?

Shit. This is an ATMB-ish thread, isn’t it? Oh well.

Thank you, John. You’re a great poster and I listen when you “speak”. Be well, and do come back.

Go. Be a stranger for a while, JohnT. Get yourself right.

I’ll pop in on Fotheringay-Phipps from time to time just to annoy him for you. :wink:

Brilliant of you to notice this in yourself. Goodluck in all your endeavours.

Uber-on, dude! Looking forward to your return.

Well, “flouncing” would have been more entertaining. :slight_smile:

That said, good luck to ya sir.

I don’t post much and I don’t think we’ve ever interacted, but I’ll miss your posts.

Remember, this IS a good place to vent or bounce ideas/ feelings around to make some sense of them. Come back when you can.

You’ve made a wise decision. This is probably not the best place to spend time when you need more calm and clarity in your life.

I will miss your posts as well and will welcome your spirited debate whenever you feel ready to return. My best to you, JohnT, at a difficult time.

JohnT, no need to flog yourself. Everybody needs a break once in a while. Who knows, maybe you’ll have some time to vent here before your agenda is met.

Besides, we need to know the story behind your icon.

Man, I’d be a wreck if I were going through half of what you are.

In fact, when I read as far as “I’ve grown increasingly irritable and argumentative over the past 2, 3 years”, I thought, “Well that’s me too, but I have no excuse (other than being in my 60s)”.

We’ll miss ya! DO come back.

And maybe you can just discipline yourself to not reply to threads. I can’t, so if I need a week “off”, I log out. If I’m not signed in, I can read, I just can’t reply (or PM).

Seriously, I’ve ended up with so much free time during those weeks… you might need a hobby to take up the slack.

Kudos on you for your self reflection and best wishes in your time off! Your considerate thread is most promising.

All I can say to you is there *is *life, *good *life, after divorce and when the dust settles you’ll be doing well.

And I look forward to hearing from you again.

No biggie, don’t sweat it.

Best of luck getting things together IRL. :slight_smile:

I never put people on ignore. Sometimes that 0.0028% turns out to be correct.

Best of luck, JohnT.

Good luck with the current drama. Hope everything gets worked out to your preferred outcome!

Hey, if you ever make it up to DFW, I’ll buy you a drink

Best of luck, John T. I wish more people had your integrity. Come back soon.

John T Best of luck to you friend. I can sympathize with a bit of the drama you referenced, having just recently finalized stage one of my own divorce (as in we are actually officially divorced but it seems not done fighting yet)
Take care of yourself and heal your life best that you can and when come back, bring pie (of course):wink:

Take it easy and I hope things work out as you want.

Good luck, JohnT. Drop in any time!

I’ll miss your voice here and look forward to your return. I hope everything gets sorted out.