Thanks Dex, you used my question!

Golly gosh willickers, after years of sending Cecil (and co.) questions, you finally used one! And gave a thorough exegesis of why we’ll never know the answer. In , you tell me more than I knew before; though the question is basically unanswered, you explain why it can’t be, which is better than usual for Biblical research. Thanks Dex!

I’m going to e-mail all my relatives (who have e-mail) that I’m even more world famous. Thanks to Shockwave , a science fiction radio show now in its 23rd year, that dozens of people knew I was world famous. Now, thanks the The Straight Dope, several dozens of people know I’m world famous!

Previously, I was most famous for my interviews with Douglas Adams and Jesse Ventura. (You can hear the Ventura interview at .) Now, another footnote gets added to my curriculum vita. Thanks again!

On the other hand, you spelled my name wrong. There is no period on my middle name: David E Romm. Not a big deal (lots of people get it wrong), but I have high standards for this site.

Anyway, good job on the research, and I will sleep better tonight knowing as much of the answer as possible.

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