Thanks Fuckers...

Fuckers in question

Even if I leave work early, I still wont be home until 6:30, because of the amount of people waiting to get home. Fucking fuckers :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I’m sorry to hear it. I was just talking to a colleague in our Brisbane office and he was telling me about it too. I hope you get home OK.

Well hey, it’s about the only way a jackass with a quarter can feel important. :rolleyes:

I wonder what people used to do for fun 10 years ago before this kind of thing was all the rage. :dubious:

Heh. It would be a good rant, except it’s not a rant. A pit thread OP consists of more than;

  1. A link
  2. Angry faces (using more than one does not do any more for your cause)
  3. the word “fuck”

I will summarise;
At about midday and 5pm today all public transport was halted and evacuated in Brisbane Australia. (I happened to be one one of these busses) This was apparently because of a bomb threat. There was no bomb threat.

I would be pissed off, but my bus got evacuated (coincidentally) with where I wanted to get off. And by the time I had finished doing what I wanted, the busses were back running.
I kinda wish they had’ve stopped running altogether, I wouldn’t have gone back to the lab, dropped a scalpel which I was dissecting a cadaver with, which sliced open my finger and had to spend an hour and a half in the health service.

People have been calling in phony bomb threats for way longer than 10 years. It just never got the same sort of play, or reaction, that it gets today.

As one who hates having to click on a link to get the point of a thread, I say thank you, thank you, thank you for this summary. Go, Go You Big Red Fire Engine!

And thanks to all the extra cars on the road I was almost late to my movie! Damned Brisbane public transport – could it be any more crap?

So, how did it all end up? Is the public transport back working again this morning?

It should be. They also have a hunch as to that it might be some BBC (Brisbane boys’ college) bboys running amok. That and our government has gone completely knee-jerk.
Silentgoldfish, so you say that because the public transport was down, the traffic was bad. The in the next step you bag out the public transport system, as if it is not doing any good at all!
Although I admit that it is not great, it is becase of this view that public transport is “crap” for no reason at all, that is what is stopping Brisbane Transport from doing anything. Why bother adding more busses when no-one will catch them?
Although people make excuses and say “Oh, I don’t catch public transport because there isn’t one where I want to go/there isn’t any often enough/etc etc” I find this excuse rather tiring.
Even IF we had a bus going there and on time, people wouldn’t catch it. It’s not the “Australian” way.

I say public transport here sucks because they’ve priced themselves out of the market. If there’s two adults and you’re not driving a hummer or an SUV it’s cheaper to drive downtown and pay for parking than to take public transport even when you factor in gas.

Sure, if you don’t factor in registration, repairs, actual cost of owning a car…

Yes but even if you did use public transport you would most likely still own a car as well. And in that case you are still paying for registration, repairs, and the cost of purchasing a car.

For the price of the 4 zone zone adult weekly ticket, I buy to get to work and back (weekly, obviously being discounted), I could easily drive to work and back everyday for the week for about $5 less. And seeing as I work for roughly 48 weeks of the year, that $5 would be a hefty contribution towards the registration and such of my car. The only reason that I catch public transport is the fact that an express train gets me there faster. On this train however, I get on after its first 3 stations, and stand for the rest of the trip because its absolutely packed. The bus that I take to get to that station starts its route where I get on and is full after 4 stops. If there were more buses and trains, I’d sure as hell be using them.

As for your previous comment about my rant, I apologise that it offended you so much by not being up to your standards. My poor excuse is that I quickly posted it before leaving yesterday afternoon in my fight to try and at least get some of the way home before the transport services stopped. In future, I’ll try to take your oh so wise words into consideration and check with you before posting for editting and clarification. Cheers.

Stop yer fucking whining already. Jeebus. I’ve met jet engines that whine less than you. Deal with it. We’re human. We fuck up.

To what exactly are you referring?

I have nothing to add to this pitting other than…I had NO idea we had this many Aussies on the SD. If I can arrange tickets and buy the beers for a week, can I have a couch to crash on? :slight_smile:

Depends on the beer, but I don’t see why not :).

That may just be the answer I’d been waiting for! :wink: The only Austrailian beer I know is Foster’s (because Foster is my last name), but I don’t like it. I figure I can pay beers for 4 for a week and still not come close to paying for a hotel! You all just let me know. I’m looking towards July of 2006.

Yeurgh. Fosters is American for Australian beer. No-one actually drinks the stuff here, it’s all a cruel joke!

At least you guys have Outback Steakhouse, right? So you got that going for you… :wink: