Thanks, goodbye, and good riddance.

You got the S.O.B. through college? Well, sue the fucker. There’s legal precedent.

Mark Twain wrote to the general effect that the best way to heal your heart is not the happiness of your ex. Rather, it is to make him/her as unhappy as possible.

Hastur, everyone has already said how we all feel. There is nothing I can say that will cure the hurt you feel at the murder of your marriage, but please accept my sorrow at your suffering, and my caring very much how you feel and hoping that time and grace will heal your pain.

I just found out that he has been blaming me to all of our friends about his unhappiness.

Supposedly I kept him from having nice things, nice clothes, and friends.

Well, you stupid ASS, if you didn’t blow so much DAMN money on eating out, getting fast food, and CRAP, there would have been more money for you to do things with.

Regarding THINGS… we had nice things. Quite nice. Just because it wasn’t a fucking penthouse in the sky didn’t make it worthless, you fickle, impatient son-of-a-bitch.

If you could defer your wants and not see them as needs; appreciate what you have now, rather than fixating on what you don’t have, this would NOT have been a problem.

When we recieved the anniversary present from my grandmother, I let you spend it TOTALLY ON YOURSELF!
The reason you didn’t have nice clothes is because you are SHITTY WITH MONEY!

I scrimp, look for bargains, and managed to keep food in the house for two on $135 a month in food stamps.

The house wasn’t always clean because you rarely lifted a FUCKING FINGER TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

I spoiled you in the first year we were together. I cleaned, I cooked, did the dishes and the laundry. When I got sick, you had to start doing some of it.

You are the one who lets things pile up. You are the one who doesn’t deal with things until it is massive. What a great analogy for our relationship, you EXTREME RAT BASTARD!

What a shitehawk. Your friends should have the sense to see it. Hugs to you.

I know you probably don’t want to hear this but-you’re better off without him.

He isn’t good enough for you, and you deserve much much much better.

Hang in there, Nelson.

Pearl out.


Oh great cripes, Hastur, he sucks. I’m so sorry for your pain, and for the inconvenience and disruption that all of this is causing you. I wish you all the best in getting sorted out and moving on, and hope that you’ll soon be blessed with someone worthy of you and who is more capable of being mature and supportive of someone with a chronic illness. I know he’s out there!

Be well.

Another argument for gay marriage: Hastur could sue for alimony and take the ex to the fuckin’ cleaners.

Sorry to hear things have blown up. Wishing you much happiness in the future and a FAR better SO.

My Gran had MS… lived to almost 90… and was still kicking ummm literally… ohhhhhhhh!

I’m really sorry, Hastur. If it’s any comfort, he is probably trash-talking because he is ashamed of himself.

I don’t remember where you live - do you need any help with moving or anything? If you’re in the Boston area, I’m there, and wherever you are, I bet there are Dopers willing to help.

I’m in Oregon, but thanks for the offer.