Thanks, goodbye, and good riddance.

Well, you had to make this final. After all your promises and protestations that you would be there for me, you’ve left.

Of course, it has nothing to do with my MS.

Nope, I’m lazy, only work as hard as I want to, not as hard as I can, asnd am just an emotional drain.

I can drive places one day and not the next because I want people to take care of me.


Did you ever READ the book I gave you on MS?


Of course not.

Do you ever listen to me as well as the doctors about what circumstances go along with my disease?


Of course not.

But, you aren’t leaving me because I am sick… You are leaving me because you don’t think we work together as a couple.

I got you through the hoops to start grad school this fall. I helped you every step of the way. Even having to sacrifice being with you on my birthday so you could take the GRE.

It wasn’t enough. Now you want to be in a monogamous relationship, but not with me.*

You don’t even want to honor your responsibilities to the rental house we live in, or anything else.

In the past, I would have been bitter and angry, but I wish you well. I just wish in that as well that you do not commit the same mistakes you did with me.

Marriage meant something to me, I wish it had meant the same things to you.

This would have been a hellacious rant with vitriol and fire, but I really don’t have the heart. Mea culpa.

*[sub]he really said this.[/sub]

:comforting hand pats:

I suck at this comfort stuff, but I hope you feel better soon. And find an SO who isn’t such a cowardly assmunch.

I’m so, so sorry to hear this, Hastur. You deserve better, much better.

I wish you all the best in stubbornly living through the emotional pain and feelings of abandonment (even though you know that you deserve better, feelings of abandonment and despair will almost certainly come upon you), I wish you all the support and friendship you need, and I hope you find a wonderful, strong, loving man to share your life with.

What would Wonder Woman do? I don’t know, but I’m sure you do. All the best.

You got the “good riddance” bit right, anyway.

Thinking of you, Hastur.

unsure what to say, but you’re in my thoughts. Will you be able to keep your home without his financial input? ::crossing fingers that it’s yes::


Hastur, I know nothing we say can help, but I really do feel for your pain. You were so happy about your handfasting and your husband, and it genuinely stinks that your happiness had to be ripped apart by an uncaring swine.

You are in my thoughts.

I guess the part about “in sickness and in health” was merely symbolic?


Thinking of you right now. Today I have to make the decision to stay with the person I love or leave him. He has not spoken to me for 3 days because I told him I started smoking again. He now sleeps on the couch. I have started to pack my stuff he does not even notice that. He wont talk to me and I am so depressed right now 2. Take care

Hastur, I’m so very sorry.

Dude! That sux in so many ways.

Be well.

wishing you strength, hastur. even though its bad right now, it seems like you betta off.


I’m so sorry, Hastur. Bailing out on a commitment (or making one that you don’t really intend to keep) is the act of an irresponsible child. You deserve better.d



My condolences, Hastur. I haven’t really interacted with you, but the seriousness with which you took your relationship commitment has always made me respect you. It’s too bad that your husband disn’t have the same maturity.

Sadly in some ways, no.

I really don’t want to stay in a house filled with memories of him. I can’t afford to stay in it anyway.

By the end of the month, I have to move in a much smaller place that I question whether I can get my stuff into it.

Still… I’ll get along.

I’ve finally gotten on disability, so my pittance will do a bit to take care of my monthly expenses.

Thanks to the kind words of the people in this thread. I appreciate it.

I’m very sorry. I hope that you can find the strength not to beat yourself up over this(though I have done just that to myself at times).

While it takes two to be in a relationship, sometimes it only takes the inaction of one(which is still action) to make it fall apart.


Hastur - I am so very, very sorry to hear this. :frowning:


That sucks.


Hi I am Osip. I have run across and read your posts many times.
Many times I have disagreed with your posts, no worries we see things different. Another thing I noticed, was that your posts are thoughtful, and show a great deal of interest in the subject being discussed. You seem to me from my observations to be a good person. I hate to see such a crappy thing come down in your direction. But, Believe in the long run, you will find someone much better suited for you.

Best of lubk in these trying times.


That’s awful Hastur. I’m very sorry.