Thanks guys, and a happy ending

It’s over, it was a great success and I want to thank you folks who offered encouragment to a twitching, jittering wreck.

Manhattan, your account helped immensely. I winced, laughed and then got some perspective. Hey, floors collapsing and $1B lawsuits? A comforting reality check.

This will nauseate the cynical but the greatest thing happened. After a night of stomach burning and insommnia, I got a call at 7:30 of The Morning. My sister drove 450 miles at night, w/ $4 in her pocket, to be with me. It was the great; I can’t get home for Christmas but my sister made sure she was there standing at my shoulder for this. It meant the world to me.

And it was wonderful. Of course the printers totally f***ed up the program so we had to bash out a new cover page in 30 minutes. We plugged in the servers for the mulled cider and promptly blew the circuits for most of the computers…

But it was great. The gate count for 2 hours was over 500 people. We had Pooh and Cat In The Hat and balloons and great great food and happy crowds of people milling around their library. The books flew off the shelves, the children who painted the mural for the Childrens’ Room made 2 channels of the evening news and people had a book-loving, community, the replacment string quartet performed like champs and if it wasn’t Martha Stewart perfection, it was fun, real, and people left delighted with themselves that they built such a great place.

huge sigh

Sorry for the gushing. (Actually, I’m not.) The worst failure is not producing what people need. You guys (and my sister) helped the all too fallible dweeb-in-charge pull it off.

Hot damn if miracle don’t happen!

In your debt,

(p.s. We signed up 75 new readers for cards. These are folks who now feel welcome coming into “the house of literature” they pay for. The pay’s lousy, but the rewards are great! Thanks much to all here…)

I’m glad everything went well, now I can uncross everything.

Wait, my eyes won’t uncross, Mom always told me this would happen one day !

Quick somebody, smack me on the back of my head, maybe that will work.

Ayesha - Lioness

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