Thanks, SDMB

Hello, dopers. This makes one thousand posts for me, and I guess I just want to say thanks to all the people that make this such an interesting place to be. It was by chance that I came across the Straight Dope, and I don’t frequent any other message boards, but whatever machinations of fate brought me here, I’m glad to be a doper and I appreciate what goes on here. Special thanks to the mods and admins who keep everything from going haywire.

Now, feel free to either congratulate my milestone or berate me for wasting bandwidth. :smiley:

Badwidth waster. We hate you. HATE you.


hey, congs u i love this site and its cool u took the time out to say thanks.

Congrats! :cool:


Now stop wasting bandwidth!

I just spent a minute trying to figure out who “congs” was in minega’s post. :slight_smile:

[hijack]minega, if I may…this board thrives on people making a decent attempt at grammar, spelling and punctuation. Chat speak is frowned upon.[/hijack]

cuauhtemoc, congratulations.

Ok fair enough…decent grammar…;got it…

Congratulations, Cuauhtemoc! Your clique kit is in the mail. :wink:

Normally, when one reaches one’s 1000th post, one boasts about one’s sexual prowness, or announces one’s plans for World Domination.

Instead, you give us this zweiback. BLEAGH! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Congrats hamster killer :smiley:

Yeah… Congrats. Now stop killing our hamsters.

Killing bandwidth, eh, cuauhtemoc? That’s another thing I’ll never, ever forgive you for doing. Ever.

How many things does that make now? :smiley:

cuauhtemoc, I’ve enjoyed reading and responding to your posts and look forward to 1,000 more of them.

Now what the hell does your username mean?

jackelope, I named myself after a warrior prince of the Aztec Empire. It has nothing - nothing - to do with who I am in real life, unfortunately.

lel, I’ve lost count.

Bosda, when your sexual prowess is as prodigious as mine, you don’t have to state it explicitly. My studliness should be obvious from the way lel is all moist and out of breath just from posting to this thread.

Libertarian, thanks, that means a lot coming from someone in the 10K clique - oh, wait… I’m not supposed to know about that, am I? :eek:

And the rest of you, thanks and I’m only exercising the hamsters.

When do I get mine? I keep on posting like you told me to and still no kit!

::throws a temper tantrum:: I WANNA BE IN THE CLIQUE TOO!!!