Thanks to whoever sponsored me

Does this mean I’ve got a feudal lord now?

Yup – you’re the vassal with a passel.

With tassels?

Who hassles other posters…

What is the criteria for having someone sponsor another? I mean, gee whiz… I’ve been here for 10 years, while AClockworkMelon has been here for what, 6 months?

This doesn’t seem fair. However, in looking at the statistics, AClockworkMelon has certainly proven to be a far more prolific poster than me. He/She has more than doubled my post output in the short time here. I have achieved the lofty posting pace of .5 (that’s one-half of one) posts per day. AClockworkMelon, on the other hand, has cranked out posts at an astonishing 26.84 post a day. That’s almost 27 posts*** per day*** since joining. That’s an incredible pace. Prolific isn’t even the proper word for it.

That’s impressive! In reviewing these stats, I feel that I should have sponsored AClockworkMelon myself.

I can’t find the time to ***read ***28 posts a day, forget about writing them.

So, instead of complaining or criticizing the board members for not recognizing a poster like myself who has been around for a decade, I will instead ask the following… if anyone would like to sponsor a sluggish poster like StinkFishPot, you may do so. And with this sponsoring, you will give all of us sad, less-than-a-post-a-day members a small bit of dignity, while also validating our less than spectacular presence on the board itself.

We matter!

Gee whiz

Oh, don’t worry, most of my posts aren’t worth reading, you can keep feeling bad. :slight_smile:

Melon is funny, so people like him. And one person probably had some extra money, and thought they’d do him a favor.

Also, not to make you feel bad, but even I got sponsored once. All I did was casually mention that I hated not being able to afford a membership.

(And now I’d rather not be a member again until the malware thing is resolved.)

It wasn’t me. I hate the guy.


In fact I hate him so much that I went and threw $15 in the trash. There that’ll teach 'im.

Clearly you are not spending your time wisely. Start rapid-fire posting to every thread on the board for six months straight. Post haste!

Rules are flexible, but having a username that doesn’t trigger the gag reflex on every viewing probably increases one’s chances.

Why sponsor someone? For the hell of it, that’s why! Or perhaps if drinking is involved, that helps too.

Personally, I find that whining about how no one appreciates me is the best way to get them to realize they were wrong.

We still don’t appreciate you, Shot, but it is nice to see “Clown Transporter” under your name, finally…

I’ve been here a whole 2 months longer than AClockworkMelon, but he’s got somewhere in the vicinity of 5 times my post count. Dude, you seriously need to take up a real hobby (SDMB doesn’t count). I have no life. You make me feel like I actually do. Keep on posting… :smiley:

I always thought it was a post count thing - get to 1,000 posts and you’re a trial member, 2,000 and you’re a full fledged member. At least that’s how it works on my other message forum!

Oh yes, nothing could *possibly *go wrong with giving people a reason to inflate their post counts.

I’m not in this for the money, fame or membership. I’m just an artist doing what I do best.

Me too. If I could find some way of getting paid for wasting all my time here…

Get a job like mine? :smiley:

ETA: Although I suppose technically it’s getting paid *while *wasting my time here, rather than for.

Vinyl - As much as telling you this makes me feel really really old, as a fan of M.A.S.H, I feel I must: ‘stink fish pot’ is a reference to a Frank Burns’ insult directed at Hawkeye. It has nothing to do with food.