Thanksgiving dopers, what are you cooking right now?

I’m about to make two pumpkin pies and Indian pudding.

I’m a day behind, since we postponed the feast due to hubby’s schedule. Today is brining/assembly/prep day. Banana pudding is in the oven, pecan pie is next - no pumpkin this year, because three desserts just seems too gluttonous even for Thanksgiving for just the five of us. The broth and cornbread are already made for the dressing, the sweet potatoes are roasting while desserts bake, the casseroles will be put together in the morning, and now I’m going to attempt the croissant dough. (Holy jeeez! Five sticks of butter?! For two dozen rolls!?)

I hope you’re using Cherokees. Apaches tend to be a bit tough.

Collard greens and a mixed berry pie :slight_smile: Not together, of course.

Chocolate pecan pie? I like the sound of that…is it like a traditional pecan pie, just with chocolate, or something else entirely?

Brined turkey filled with apple hazelnut stuffing in the oven. Dany’s mac 'n cheese in the oven. Dany’s collard greens in the pot. Ebony is now making spiced sweet potatoes and Justin is cutting the Cook’s ham and sticking cloves in it.

Mostly I’ve been yelling at people to go do their thing in the kitchen and to learn to share the the room. We’ve worked in much smaller ones than this one.

Still to go: Me and Justin have a pumpkin pie apiece to do. Justin has one stuffing to go and I may or may not be making potatoes. I matters how much time the rest of the feet draggers leave me.

Butternut squash pie (as a substitute for pumpkin, due to greater ease of preparation)

Pancakes, basted eggs, bacon. Birthday Girl is getting her breakfast.

Pecan pie is in the oven.

My first attempt at cooking a turkey solo.

I didn’t cook yesterday but I’m doing: Ham, turkey (both from Honeybaked), garlic and parmesan mashed potatoes, green bean casserole with bacon and cheddar, stuffing, gravy, rolls, salad. Appetizers are cheese and crackers and shrimp cocktail.

1 - apple green chili with cheddar crust
1 - balsamic vinegar

I think I messed up both crusts (too warm for the first one, so I overcompensated and the second was too cold). And flavorwise, they’re both a bit experimental - so I’m not sure how they’ll go over. But in the end, still pie.

Herb butter roasted turkey is in the oven. Gravy base is made, and we have vats of wild rice stuffing with toasted hazelnuts, green apples, and dried apricots. Sweet potatoes with pineapple, ginger, and orange are in the fridge. Garlic will be roasted soon for garlic roasted mashed potatoes with goat cheese. Pumpkin pie is cooling on the counter - later we will make the praline pecan topping.

Next up - probably the caramelized onions for the dinner rolls. Mom is bringing homemade cranberry sauce and green veggies of some sort. In the meantime, I’m taking a break!

Oh pie, we have pumpkin and my sister in law is bringing another fruit dessert. And coffee with Cinnabon creamer.

The excess liquid has been strained off the cranberry sauce, and is now mixed with vodka. Yum!

The turkey is beautiful, and the grill’s drip pan doesn’t have any new holes. I need to clean the stove; something boiled over.

Roomie baked rising rolls. Two pumpkin pies in the oven, one pumpkin pie in the toaster oven.

Dishes done. Again.

Homemade orange chicken and veggie fried rice. We thought we’d go unconventional this year since we did Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago with my extended family.