Thanksgiving dopers, what are you cooking right now?

I’m usually making a pie right now, but have decided to make it tomorrow. I have time.

I just made the cranberry sauce.

I carefully disected an orange and removed the pith. I cut it up into strips of peel and threw it into a small pot with some diced ginger, water, and sugar, to make syrup.

In another pot I put the cut-up orange meat with some sugar and water to make a stew. I added a package of Ocean Spray frozen cranberries and heated the stew until the cranberries stopped popping. I let it cook down until it thickened a bit, added a pintch of salt, stirred in the candied ginger and orange peel, then let it cool. When it wa luke warm, I put it into a plasitic container to let it chill.

Tomorrow I start the pie.

What are you cooking now?


I’m fixing to fire up the grill. Doing steaks when The Druidess gets home from work. She’s doing the Thanksgiving thing tomorrow. Seems silly for just the two of us and the dogs, but that’s what she wanted to do. Smallest turkey I could find was a little over 11 pounds, so I’m anticipating lots of leftovers. The dogs say that’s a good thing, and they are more than willing to do their part to dispose of same. Dogs are handy that way.

Corn pudding, which sits in a low oven for about 2 hours. I’ve already done 50’s Jello salad and rolls, apple pie is tomorrow.

Turkey defrosting on the counter right now. Going to cook it overnight, low and slow, which I find makes for the moistest turkey that just falls off the bone.

I made two apple pies tonight.

Took the turkey out the brine, dried it and put it in the fridge. Made giblet stock for gravy and stuffing tomorrow. Baked some chocolate chip hazelnut cookies.

Pepperoni bread and dinner rolls!

I’m going to a “strange” Thanksgiving tomorrow, My bring-alongs are apple pies without consultation … hopefully they have good pumpkin pies and nobody made apple. The family that I do not know are Italian? Wonder if there will be Lasagna?

I’ve made cranberry sauce! I don’t think it’s going to set properly (too much liquid), but it smells yummy and looks nice. Tomorrow I’ll cook the turkey on the grill (provided that the drip pan will hold on for one more cooking). Veggies will be cooked inside (that’s Mom’s territory, since she’s the vegetarian). I think some of the veggies were purchased pre-made from Whole Foods.

The other Italian Thanksgiving/Christmas I’ve been to had Boiled/Marinated Octopus as a traditional dish. Somehow I doubt it will be here. Could be wrong. Anyone be able to tell me what I might expect culinarily at an Italian Thanksgiving?

Right now the turkey breast is “cooking” in cold water with salt, brown sugar, pepper corns, rosemary, bay leafs, apple cider, garlic, and orange peels. So far, I’ve marked 5 of the 23 items off my list. Next up, proof the rolls at 8am.

Just finished making a big batch of my famous (in this house anyway, at least for the past few weeks) Brussels Basil Garlic Melange. This time, in addition to the foundational Brussels sprouts, basil and garlic, I included sweet peppers, shallots and broccoli.

T minus 16 hours and 50 minutes to vegetative nirvana.

I’ll be eating Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house, and my contribution is sweet potato casserole. I got it all mixed up tonight so tomorrow I just have to stick it in the oven.

Tonight’s prep involved me baking a pumpkin pie (nothing fancy, just the recipe off of the Libby’s can) and peeling and chopping red spuds in advance of tomorrow’s mashings.

My MIL pre-prepared one of my better half’s family’s traditional sides of rice stuffing, which seems to me to be dirty rice without the heat, but I haven’t tasted it yet.

Tomorrow there will only be 4 of us and my brother was a late addition so we’re serving a combination of herb seasoned turkey breast that will be cooked via indirect heat on our weber charcoal grill, and a stuffed pork loin with mozerella, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes.

Sides will be:

Oven-browned rolls
Rice stuffing
Cheesy mashed spuds
Stovetop stuffing
Gravy from a jar
Sweet potato and apple au gratin
Steamed broccoli
Cranberry sauce (w/o berries)

Pennsylvania Dutch Eggnog

Pumpkin pie with Rediwhip

Turkey is in the oven. Also got a honey-baked ham.

Last years Thanksgiving dinner was a complete disappointment (for some reason, my wife wanted a roasted whole chicken(?)), so we’re definitely in over-compensation mode this year. :wink:

Turkey in the oven, rolls are rising, the sous chef is cutting celery for the stuffing. Now is the time for the head chef to take a shower.

For the first time in years, I did not do any precooking on the day before, so I have it all to do today. It’s a small feast though, so that works out.

I have my black beans cooking and that’s it so far. Cornbread for stuffing and cranberry sauce are next. I’m trying a recipe from Alex Guarnascheli for my sauce this year. Reviews are very good, so I’m quite optimistic. It’s not too different from what I use anyway and I love that.

Happy Eating.

Going to my sister’s for dinner - I am in charge of deserts. Just popped the pumpkin pie out of the oven. I have one more - a chocolat pecan pie - to make before I hit the road for her house.

What am I cooking right now? Two pumpkin halves are in the oven.