That boy ain't right - and now he's drunk

Bobby Hill has apparently been buying a lot of booze over in England. Hank and Peggy are going to be upset.

I’m not familiar with the Daily Mail, but since it gives Bobby’s name as Bobby King (twice), I’m guessing they have fairly low journalistic standards. Funny story though.

My thought was, “Waitaminit, do they call them the KINGS, instead of the HILLS over there in the UK? Both names are in the title…”

Possible, although they would have to over-dub (or whatever its called) the audio to replace the last name as well as cut out any visual references to the last name “Hill”. Being a huge-bordering-on-unhealthy KotH fan, I suspect that would be a royal pain in the ass. It would affect most episodes.

Does King of the Kings make for a better joke over there?

I was wondering if maybe Bobby King was the name on the ID and that’s what the article was referencing. Do they even have KotH in England?

Don’t even mention what it would take to dub Boomhauer’s lines so that he’s understandable.

Dang ol’ talkin’ 'bout this younger generation when we bought beer we didn’t have no dang cartoon characters on our fake I.D. I’ll tell ya whut.



The fact that a merchant would take an ID with a cartoon character’s face on it is more mind-boggling than the question of how the paper attributes the name of the character.

The other part was that the ID listed the customer’s age as 17, which is too young to buy alcohol.

I don’t have problems understanding Boomhauer.

The only logical explanations are:

  1. The clerk didn’t actually ask for ID. Is there evidence that he did so? Surveillance cameras? Cop standing in line watching?

  2. Clerk asked for ID to make it look good on the security camera, but either didn’t actually look at it or did look but thoroughly didn’t give a shit that it was fake.

I just think it’s funny that the newspaper has the wrong name. It’s not like Bobby Hill is some esoteric footnote in the ancient mists of popular culture. Next they’ll do a story of someone impersonating Milhouse Simpson.

I can assure you that we do have the show over here, the family is still called Hill, and it’s not overdubbed. Obviously the journalist made a mistake.

TvTropes informs me they’re the “Reyes” family in the Spanish dub, for what that’s worth.