that many already??

This is not a post party… just a pause to muse pointlessly and mundanely that this is my kilo-post and for the life of me, I can’t imagine that I’ve had that much to contribute.

OK, so contribute may be a bit strong. Perhaps share is more appropriate. Perhaps natter?? Perhaps I should consider finding a more active way to pass hours upon hours of my life??

Anyway, having crossed the threshhold to 4 digits, I felt the need to point it out to all and sundry. That’s all. Nothing more to say here…


Don’t worry, I will not let a fellow sailor sink into the watery depths of page two. :wink:
Happy 1K FCM!

::Opens bottles of booze, fixes up some nachos, hangs streamers, puts on overly-loud music::

::Drinks too much and falls overboard::
Glurp, glurp, glurp…

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. :smiley:

Happy Kilo, FCM!

I, for one, always enjoy your nattering! :stuck_out_tongue:
[sup]Think we should gaff Demo before he goes under?[/sup]

How could I gaff a fellow sailor?? Well, unless he barfs on the teak I spent all weekend sanding…

But that’s another natter entirely… :slight_smile:


You could have been up to 2500 by now if ya really wanted to… slacker! :wink:

Happy 1K FCM.

Open door reveals small brown-paper parcel tied up with string, and peripheral vision of person in leather chaps disappearing around corner.

FCM: Hmm, what’s this? [starts to tear open parcel]

Everyone else: No! don’t it might be dangerous -

FCM: Oh, look, it’s a small cake, about seven inches in diameter, with pink and green icing - hmmm, ambitious. And the writing seems to say


FCM: Well, that is nice. I’ll just put it here with all the rest.

[sub]happy days beautiful![/sub]

Congrats, FCM. You don’t mind a Marine joining you sailors down some grog, do ya?

Yoiks - kinda lost track of this…

Thanks for the congrats, one and all…

smug - slacker, indeed!! I’ll have you know that I have a life away from here. After all, someone has to feed the dogs and do the laundry and cook dinner and pick up the kid after her activities and buy deodorant and… damn - I need a wife!!

Redboss - how very sweet! Not as sweet as chocolates might have been, but no doubt you’ve missed the various references I’ve made to my addiction… No matter - it’s the thought that counts, right?? <how incredibly tacky was that??? Thank you for the lovely verse! I’ve been meaning to mention that you’re becoming a favorite of mine… :wink:

thinksnow - heck, my dad was a Marine, as was my FIL - I don’t mind being seen with you… grog all you want!