The Q.E.D. Kilopost party!!!!

Yeah, ok, it’s not that big a deal. But it seems to be a tradition 'round these parts to show off your 1000th post. So, here it is. Go me! Or something. Hmmmm…I should say something more, I suppose, but I’m not much of a speechwriter, really. What’s that?? You say you could write a better 1000th post speech with your eyes glued shut and one hand tied behind your back? Well, let’s see, smarty-pants. :dubious:

What would you write to celebrate 1000 posts?

You’ve only been here a little over a month? Slow down, man!

Congrats on 1000. But you really do not need to post to every thread you read.

What would I write to celebrate 1k? Not a damn thing. I didn’t notice 100, didn’t notice 200, and won’t notice 1000 posts, when I finally reach it in the year 2043.

If I ever hit 1000 posts, I will notice it and stare at my post count in amazement, but do nothing.

Keep it up and you might wind up in Handy-land. :smiley: I kill me.

(this post in no way implies any disrespect to our beloved Handy, a terse, succinct and pithy yet prolific poster who is one of my favorites along with the most righteous Zev Steinhardt)

Hmmm handy… you’d better start speeding up if you want to catch him!

Congrats on the 1k… and congrats on getting featured on Threadspotting!

Wow! I only started that thread because I was in a silly mood that day. Who knew it would take off? It certainly took a turn from the direction it was intended, however. Quite possibly the longest hijack I’ve ever seen.

I wish I had 1000 posts…