That ominous line in the Dark Knight Rises trailer......

Where Catwoman says “You’ve given these people everything” to which Batman replies “Not everything, not yet.

Do you think Batman might die in this movie? Maybe he will give his life to stop Bane’s plan or something, It’s certainly the kind of plot twist Nolan would pull. Plus all the “legend ends” slogans and old Alfred talking about not burying another Wayne and what not.

It would be very different for the franchise if Batman did die in this one, and to a certain degree it fits with Nolans realistic vision, because after all Bruce is just a man.

I find it highly unlikely if Batman were not to die in this film. The entire franchise has been set up for it, not to mention Nolan’s spcific comment that this would be a trilogy with a definite ending.

Frankly, it would be a shock to me if Batman somehow survives. However, another possible ending is that Bane breaks his back and he’d be confined to a wheelchair indefinitely. Maybe becoming the Oracle to another vigilante (Jospeh Gordon Lewitt maybe).

In any case, I’m mightly curious how Nolan will end this.

I’ll go further and guess Selena Kyle=Mary Magdelene for Bruce, there will probably be a sequence where he is tempted to run away with her and live a boring little life.

Bruce is going to die or come very close to it. Given who is in charge of the movie, I would put money on death. Neither of the first two movies copped out with a feel good ending, this one isn’t either. Gotham will be saved but at the expense of its hero.

I would also agree that the death of Bruce Wayne does not equal the death of Batman. The movie will end with the flash of another taking up the cowl.

The death of Bruce Wayne would not mean an end to Batman. I’ve been rewatching the previous movies, and all of them hammer the point home that Batman is more than a man, it’s an idea. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will take up the mantle.

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