That Serrated Metal Edge On Boxes Of Alumimum Foil?

We have that in Ireland as well.

And it is possible to cut one’s finger on the shit, as I have done. Imagine the biggest motherfucking paper cut in the world. Aiiieee. :eek:

What do you mean horrible? They’re practical and decorative. I always know here my foil, wrap and wax paper are and they don’t clutter my limited kitchen drawers. I highly recommend them.

Blasphemer!! Do not bad-mouth the hamsters, or they will destroy the board and replace it with … Aiii!!! Too late! Too late!

Nope,someone just figured out what 42 is the answer to.

In sixth grade, I was at a small conference of a sort (regularly organized retreats held for young Quaker folks like me) and helping the cook to bring in the groceries. On one of my trips, I picked up an industrial size, and I mean REALLY BIG roll of plastic wrap. Like, BJ-Wrap or something. And I’m walking along, bringing it in, when I slip or something and zzzzzzzt!

The slide as I dropped it, combined with the weight of all the frickin’ plastic wrap, was enough to make the serrated edge put quite a slice in my left wrist :eek:

It all turned out okay in the end (though I also managed to fall off of a deck railing just minutes later - I was kind of a dumb kid) but I still have the scar, about seven years later.

Frickin’ metal edges.