That ‘sex bump’ at the base of one’s skull…

Years ago, back when I was a kid, myself and others my age were led to believe that the ‘bump’ at the base of one’s skull (Using your hand, reach back and feel the area where your skull meets you spine and determine the size of that bump) was a determinant in one’s sexual appetite.

That is, if the ‘bump’, or whatever the hell it is, was pronounced and large, your appetite for sex was insatiable. If it were small, on the other hand, well, then, you could lead a life of total abstinence and not be too concerned about it.

As I’ve gotten older, and maybe a bit wiser, I’ve found that what I once believed as a kid, and eagerly passed around to others on the playground, are, in fact, nothing more than loads of malarkey.

But considering that the ‘bump’ at the base of my skull is considerably large and pronounced, I have obvious reasons on why I’d like this theory to be true.

So, I need the facts- is there any validity to this, or should I find something else that backs up what I believe in my head is true- that I am a sexual dynamo?

i think it’s called the occipital bump. i do not believe it has anything to do with sexual vigor, appetite, or prowess.

but i got a big one too, so here’s to hoping.


<snicker>The size size of the occipital protuberance is partly determined by the force applied by the attached muscles (several muscles attach here, mostly responsible for moving the head), and partly determined by genetics. I have no idea what effect sexual appetite would have on it, but my anatomy prof. joked that highly sexed people did have bigger ones, from “saying ‘yes’ all the time…”

The occipital condyle is frequently used to determine gender in human skeletal remains.

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We all know examples of some men with little interest in sex and of the reverse being true of some women. So no, size of your occipital bump has nothing to do with sexual appetite. It has to do with your gender.

WARNING, WARNING - Anecdotal evidence ahead…


I have no bump. I’m randy as a rabbit.

Draw your own conclusions.


I feel … so … inadequate.


Hi there! How you doin?
If you really want to know, I never really put much stock into this thing being true or not- things like this never seem to pan out. But considering the play this thing got back when I was a kid, and even in college come to think of it, I knew it had to be based on something. What it was, I never really knew. That it was based on physiological differences found between the sexes, I can see why all of us men hoped it was true- we all had bulges on the backs of our heads, so we were all insatiable little imps.

Now I know un-sordid details- All men have it, and the women don’t. Shoot.

I guess I’ll have to hold out hope on what they said about the ring finger being longer than the index finger.

You could always grab a ball-peen hammer and give yourself a bump of the desired size. Terry Pratchett described this as retrophrenology. Let us know if it works.

So that’s why you went down the rabbit hole! :smiley: