That stupid baby came out already!

I figured there were at least a couple of you that might be looking for an update.

Sunday I headed of to Las Vegas to hang out with my friend because she was hugely pregnant and bored. We went shopping, went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe (what? Animatronic elephants are the coolest.), and then just lazily hung around for the night. Monday she came to work with me, but was feeling really dizzy so we went to the hospital. Due to a few different factors, they decided to just go ahead and induce her. That was about 5 PM.

After a long night and morning of contractions, she was only 6 CM at about 1 PM. I had to go move my car, which took less than 20 minutes, and when I got back she was 9.5 CM. Talk about swiftly moving, right? Anyway, within another 10 minutes, she was 10 CM, the baby was in position, and she they told her to push when she was ready. Ten contractions and a little screaming later, there was a beautiful baby taking his first breath.

Speaking as someone who has never ever seen a birth before, it was amazing. I mean, I wasn’t in the room- just the door way- but it was still amazing to hear him take that first long cry and see his little feet dangling there in the doctor’s arms. I’m sure this is all old news to Doper parents :p.

Julian was born at 2:48 PM and weighed in at a hefty 8 lbs 10 ounces. He was 19.5 inches long. He has huge blue eyes (although they probably wont stay that way- mom has dark green eyes and dad has dark brown). He looks exactly likes his momma. I’ve never seen a more alert new born- he was looking at everyone, playing with his hands, pawing at her boobs, and just generally fidgiting around. Of course, whenever she’d lean down and kiss him, he’d close his little eyes and lay still. :smiley:

He’s perfect. I’m so happy I could be part of helping bring that little bundle of perfect into this world. I also can’t wait to go back on Sunday and play with him!

Oh, and naturally, I couldn’t forget adorable baby pictures.

My absolute favorite picture of him. Look at those eyes.

“Hi, everybody!”

So serious!

He loves his momma.

Her favorite picture of him.

Did I mention he’s totally perfect?

Hey there, asshole. Now go out there and get a job!

(the baby, not you)

It’s not old news. Hearing about other’s births helps us moms to relive our babies’ first moments. You’re so lucky to have witnessed a birth. I’ve never been there for someone else’s birth, but I would consider it to be such an honor.

He’s gorgeous and has absolutely perfect skin. I love the picture that you’ve labeled “Hi everybody!”. I imagine him saying “I’m ‘this many’ minutes old!”.

That’s one cute baby. Mostly I find newborns kinda squicky looking but he’s a cutie.

Congratulations!! I’m a myspace friends so I’ve seen pics of you with the Belly. and Nutty Bunny is right - it helps us with active toddlers remember when they were so small and cuddly and sweet and couldn’t get into everything.
Congrats again! Bean

While all babies are beautiful, Julian is extrordinarily beautiful. Gorgeous color, great skin, perfect head, angelic expression. My very best to the family and to you, congratulations!

loune behave! This little man’s job is to be adored and showered with gifts and love! :smiley:

Thank you everyone! I’ll pass on the well wishes to her, I know she appreciates it.

And yeah- I normally find most babies totally unattractive (I got slapped by my grandma the other day when, upon seeing the picture of my newborn cousin, I said she was really ugly), but he is just so cute. Maybe I’m biased because I spent so much time with him while he was in her belly :), but he really just has such nice skin and beautiful eyes.

He even has big dimples! You really can’t tell in the pictures, but they are adorable.

He’s also a really good baby- he hasn’t cried since he came out. He’s just happy to have attention and the endless fountain of mom’s milk. So far, so good. I’m happy that she has such a good baby (so far at least). I’m even more proud of her for doing this and being so strong.

And LOUNE, he has a job. And it’s way better than yours. I can’t tell you because it’s super top secret and stuff. He works for the Department of Nuclear Tipped Marsupia— I’ve said too much.

This IS behaving. :smiley:

Call it…tough love.

By the way, Diosa, my job gets back when YOU call. With your “Help me! Save me!” routine.
Yeah, we’re gonna cross paths one of these days, missy.

I’m the tax master. I don’t need your help. I’m like, deducting and depreciating like a mother fuck.

For those of you that don’t know, he works tech support for a tax program we use here at work.

Cute kid, did anyone ask what TOOK THE HELL SO LONG???

Wheeee, he’s so adorable-and I HATE newborns! That is easily the most beautiful just-born baby ever. Tell her congratulations for me. :smiley:


He looks like he’s contemplating his plans for world domination here. All you need is an extremely tiny cat and you’ve got yourself a midget Blofeld.

Well, her favorite song is “Wake me up, before you go” by Wham (I know, I know) and my theory is that he was just up their practicing his dance steps for her.

I’m totally going this week and making a little baby sweatshirt that says, “Franky Says Relax”. We’re lame like that. I need newborn sized fingerless gloves and short shorts.

mobo85- “First I nap, then I make poopies, then I annex mommy’s booby for my own, THEN THE WORLD!”

Stupid babies need the most attention.

Holy crap – that is one seriously adorable newborn! My wife has spent years on a fertility/parenting message board, so I’ve seen literally hundreds of newborn pics – this little guy makes my Top Five, easily.

Fine. Be the tax master. Sooner or later, you’ll wanna know where it goes…and then…THEN…you’re at OUR MERCY!!!

Congratulations! I agree, the first picture is just beautiful.

I haven’t given birth, but I was my friend’s “coach” or “birth partner” or whatever you call it, and I completely understand what you mean. I was prepared for it to be a moving experience, but I had no idea. To say it was amazing still seems like such an understatement. I mean, one moment there was one person there, and then the next moment, there were two. And like your little guy, my godson was like, “Oh, hey, guys. Wassup.” Totally unfazed by the whole birth thing. ha

He’s really beautiful.

Glad to hear the birth went well! I agree that Julian is quite a cutie. :slight_smile: Hope that the parents are able to transition into life with a newborn without too much trouble.