That Which You Have Promised Must You Perform [spam subject lines]

Well, the subject line was a bit of a puzzle:


Maybe Vl@grr@ isn’t selling well and they have to get into other markets.

But what really worried me was the filler in the mail itself:

A Progressive Addiction, But Withcout Drugs, Is Just Ass Harmful.

I really don’t want anything in my life to be ass harmful. That just sounds wrong (and not in a ‘wink wink, wrong, if you know what I mean’ kind of way).

I must be doing something right–I very rarely get that kind of email. Once every four or five months l’ll get one with a subject like “re:Hello!”. I just mark it as spam/junk and delete it.

Ironically, my Gmail account is the one that acquires tons of spam and I made sure not to use that e-mail for much of anything. My Myspace, Facebook and SDMB notifications get sent to my Gmail account and not much else.

Yahoo on the other hand, is the one I use to sign up for god knows how many message boards and shit and that one has less than ten spam mails at any given moment.

So is this Bush, Wal-Mart or Microsoft’s fault? :wink:

One I got ages ago:

Subject: Wipe Wrinkles Away!
Sender: Dorion Gray

…well, I thought it was funny, anyway.

Really?! Well, I guess even spammers read books.

Nope, nothing interesting in the spam department. Although I’ve gotten some interesting ones from websites that I don’t remember subscribing to (“Our 3,3321st Wedding Anniversary”).

That’s totally Cookie Monster, by the way. Someone doesn’t know their Sesame Street monsters…

Man I got some crazy ones today.

[li]Get hard-on of one passing thought[/li][li]The solution for raising your rod’s sensitivity[/li][li]I will deanonimize you[/ul][/li]
The last one was sent by “me”. Apparently I’m having some internal struggles that I’m unaware of.

Senders (not specifically of the three above):[ul]
Crazy stuff, always good for a smile.

Purchase some drugs from us!


Here we are:

It made me smile.

My home email address virtually never gets spam; don’t know if I’m just lucky or what.

My work email address, however… Fortunately my employer utilizes Postini to quarantine spam AND email containing virus attachments. I find it to be very effective.

So, I’ve found the subject lines of the spam Postini quarantines tend to run in trends. A few weeks ago there were several threats of physical violence. :dubious:Lately there have been lots concerned with “degree requests”. And of course there is the ever popular male organ enhancement subject lines; those come and go but never seem to go away entirely.

Postini has also lately been quarantining several virus payload emails that have subject lines referring to banks and other financial institutions I have never done business with.

I hope this isn’t too dead to revive, because I get some doozies and could probably singlehandedly keep this thread alive for eternity.

Fun Titles:[ul]
[li]Send your satellite insider her![/li][li]Your metabolism urgently seeks for magnesium oxide.[/li][li]Diplomas for everybody.[/li][li]Bill Gates’ paparazzie work.[/li][li]Perfect for me, who don’t want their age to be the obstacle for full and bright night…[/li][li]Make your activity last more[/li][li]Do you love women?[/li][li]For fantastic coitus![/li][li]Have more hard excitement with girls[/li][li]Make your zipper knight the best in the whole town.[/li][li]Avoid no-boner problem.[/li][li]Creative approach to jerking![/li][li]Be her wild prince of pleasure.[/li][li]Make your King-Kong twice larger.[/li][li]Someone left a mark: 4[/li][li]Bed fail won’t occur[/li][li]To you already is there a lot of years? It to love a not occasion rarer the woman![/li][li]Make her your rod’s slave[/li][li]Stop bullshitting me[/li][li]Your 9 inch worm will amaze her[/li][li]Pilulles of lustfulness[/li][li]Be her mighty night predator[/ul][/li]
Fun Names:[ul]