That's It! I am Moving to California!!

What a GREAT country we live in where a mediocre actor, a porn peddler (the smut peddler who cares, in his own words), a lady (?) reputed to be a prostitute, a bad columnist, and a midget can run for governor. I challenge any comedy writers amongst us to come up with a better reaity tv plot… hell a better straight comedy bit… this is TOO FUNNY!
had to share…

Who’s the reputed prostitute? If it’s Angelyne, I’ve never hear such an allegation.

yes, Angelyn.

I was listening to an L.A. based radio-goob commentator speculating about what she did for a living when she has built her notoriety based upon billboards containing not much more than her picture and a phone number. Based on his statements I garnered that he wasn’t the only one of that opinion. I will freely admit that I have seen one of the billboards, but the opinion was recycled.

I wanna vote for Gary Coleman! C’mon people!

The “Diff’rent Strokes” theme rather than “Hail to the Chief”.

“Whatchoo talkin’ 'bout?” rather than “Please repeat your question”.

The physical attacks against hecklers in the crowd.

Grab the popcorn, kids! The only way this is gettin’ better is if Mike Tyson is the running mate. :wink:

they could custom-make some nifty stuff for him… I can just SEE him behind his cute little podium!

We’ve all been saying “Watchoo talkin’ about, Davis!” at work for the past couple days. And please, let’s not forget the porn star (whose name I can’t seem to find, but she was on the news last night) who has been accused of “splitting the porn vote” with Larry Flint. I may have to change my location…

Hey, is this the same shame that Florida felt a couple years ago?

Angelyn is neither a porn star or a prostitute. She’s just some washed up old chick who used her husband’s money to put up billboards with her picture so she could be famous.

Participating in the recall is just another way to get some attention. Pretty sad, really.

However, the debates should be interesting…

I was just going to post what tjblack posted. The billboards are just her way of getting attention. Around here she’s “famous for being famous”.

But yeah, she’s just an old bimbo who has still thinks pink = “hot chick”.

Mary Carey.

So… if you’re into porn, you cannot run for office… but if you happen to be in office anyway, blow jobs are on the house, uhh, literally? LIKE RIGHT IN THE OVAL OFFICE!.
Seriouslly though, what does porn have to do with running for office? Waaaayy too many people equate porn with having bad morals er somthing. Frankly, those who do that are the ones you should be afraid of.

all I am saying is this is an election just EAT SLAM UP with class.

Just to make sure I’m not being misunderstood, I have no problem with any porn-related person running for office. I simply thought “splitting the porn vote” was an amusing thing to hear on the news. My comment on changing my location was in reference to this whole recall mess, and not about condemming any candidates, ParentalAdvisory.