That's count wierdness

The author of this post is listed in the little information box as having 0(zero) posts. I’d think the post count s/b at least one.

Please see Jerry’s note re server weirdnesses and inconsistencies.

Heck, I’ll just copy it again.

Jerry sez:

"The server has been restarted.

“Don’t know what is going on with search. . . The general issue is the server is overtaxed. Between 1000 to 7000 MySQL database errors happen on the server every week. It’s highly likely we have database inconsistencies leading to search inconsistencies. Rebuilding the search engine index would take two weeks. I don’t have time to do that.”

Hopefully a restart is all it takes to fix things. Amazing how well that works sometimes.

your humble TubaDiva

A hamster belch. Sometimes, a post may go through, but the postcount isn’t updated. In this case, a WAG here, the poster’s initial “never” count of posts has remained the same – and the system shows that in the thread as zero. It might sort itself out.

Thanks for the update. It’s nothing critical, but I just thought it was odd.

My condolences to Jerry, tell him I empathize. Poor guy is even more overworked than the hamsters.