my post count froze

I came online this morning with a post count ending in 54.
I posted something (twice accidentally) and its still 3754!
What happened?

I get it! Vanilla… frozen… Vanilla Ice!

I hadn’t even thought of that.
vanilla…trying for 4,000 :eek:

Did your posts actually go through? You know how this place can be flukey - if you do a search on all of your posts, the number of posts in the search doesn’t match what you have under your username. So maybe this was just a hiccup - it seems to be adding to your count normally now.

When a post times out, it sometimes gets to the thread anyway, but other actions (such as the post count increment, or the thread bump) get lost in the time-out.

The post count will catch up eventually.

your humble TubaDiva

ah, it was no big deal anyway.
I just am trying to get my numbers up there.


vanilla. Bad girl. Your post count is meaningless.

It’s in the FAQ. See this post.

My post count is indicative of what kind of human being I am!!

Whoops, I meant to say, “resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.”

notice that I’m ahead of you postcount wise.
heh heh
you followin me?

Ya got here 9 months before me and got into a few fights. Me, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Heh. Maybe this should all be in email. I’m wasting server space.

a few fights?:confused:

A word of caution: A high post count indicates a lonely person. Present company excluded, of course.

If it means anything, when I posted, my count was unchanged. When I went back a few minutes later it was correct, so I guess the count just takes a while to catch up.

Uh huh. Suuuuuuuuuuuuure.


How? I’ve never seen anyone report their count jumping up suddenly, and everyone has a low post count. I’d think a system process to find everyone’s true count and fix it would be a bit… database intensive.

I still maintain that it doesn’t matter, but then at least the post count parties would be punctual.

vanilla, you have 3782 posts.

Where do you get 3782? She’s got 3765. Not that it matters…

I guess you missed my report above.