The 10 Most Expensive Sweatpants - Interesting collection

How far can you go and still have it be sweatpants? Let’s find out.

seriously $1500 for pants that droop almost to your knees? yuck

I have no problem with fashion, I actually have a nice, full, wardrobe if I do say so myself. With that said, that’s just plain gullibility.

That’s the type of item I wouldn’t even buy if I were a billionaire (let alone millionaire). With the exception of the Preen outfit, that was something I could see someone wearing. A little over a G is kinda silly, though.

T by Alexander Wang is charging over a grand for sweats? Isn’t that the frickin diffusion line? Wtf. That makes me angry, because that brand makes the best t-shirts EVER.

SUEDE sweatpants? Now they’re just messing with us.

I like the Bottega Veneta get up.

I am not getting the athletic description in any of the sweats. Am I missing anything? The heels kinda take away the whole athletic look to me.

Were are the mens sweats?

Fashion is supposed to make you look good.

Those are some ugly pants.

If you buy any one of these, then you are a terrible person