The 10 word game

Reductio ad absurdum.
Describe anything in exactly 10 words.

Moby Dick:
Ahab seeks revenge. Whale sinks boat. Ismael lives to tell.

Spanish Inquisition:
Isabella rants, priest chants, Pope grants, doctrine slants, Galileo recants.

The Da Vinci Code:
Curator dies. Leonardo left clues. Grail is Mary’s kids.

Apple iPod:
Know your audience: cheap, portable digital music becomes market phenomenon.

The Straight Dope Message Board:
Attract intelligent, inquisitive people. Let them debate. Much hilarity ensues.

In answer to the question of whether man has ever visited the deepest part of the world’s oceans:
Man visited Marianas Trench once. In 1960. For 20 minutes.

Response to Nightwatch Trailer’s posting:
Not many people know that.

Unalterable union blessed by God. Until the lawyers get invited.

My wife commits adultery. The courts say I must pay.

Chosen prostitutes. No foreplay, no kiss, just wetspot.

Fuzzy warm handfuls of love. They care no matter what.

Noisy beautiful feathered friends. Too smart for tiny brain.

Reach fifty thousand words or total insanity, or maybe both.

Citizen Kane:

Man becomes powerful tycoon, but dies thinking of beloved sled.

1920’s Style Death Rays:

Dogface’s triple post to Scalar Weapons thread started running gag.

Hi Opal!: Lists of two items are wrong because she said so.

Cecil Adams: Perfect Master. Some believe that he is Ed. They’re wrong.

"When come back, bring pie": Phrase originating from the internet cartoon Weebl and Bob. wanker

The US election

Gay marriage, stem cells, and abortions trump dodgy casus belli.

Not to ruffle your feathers there, Pliny, but wouldn’t this be more of a game if we wrote ten words describing something and then the other Dopers had to guess?

For instace:

Nothing. Something about a map. No witch. End. Confusion ensues.

The Blair Witch Project

Still fun though!
-resident MeatBeast

Works for me

John, Paul, George, Ringo. Magical chemistry, songs – and much heartbreak.

Yer kidding, right? The Beatles.

Funny, touching bio-pic about arguably world’s worst movie director ever.

Ed Wood

The unattainable holy grail for crackpot inventors since time immemorial.

Perpetual-motion machines

Tiny, pavement-hugging high-performance Italian roadster remains enduring icon.


Jon Stewart dissed 'em for shallowness, empty spectacle, overheated clashes.

“Crossfire” and their ilk.

Oh fer f@&%'s sake, just pick up a rake already!

Those damned noisy, high-polluting leaf blowers!

Winter’s inconvenient, but at least it finishes off these pests.


Forget Christmas shopping in December – there’s a game to catch!

The NFL playoffs

Slowly undulating globules, joining and breaking, oddly hypnotic 60’s fixture.

The lava lamp

The first sign of impending holliday season. Who buys these?

Ch-ch-ch-CHIA PETS!

Not to be a wise guy, but when did Stuttgart move to Italy? :confused:

Screams reverberate from every place: some of joy, some despair.

Election 2004, of course.