The 2016 Election Schadenfreude thread

The 2012 version of this thread was pretty popular, so let’s do it again! It’s not over yet, so this will serve to bask in the sorrows of either candidate’s supporters, whenever those sorrows begin. Assuming the election goes as expected, I assume that and will be good places to start.

Please enjoy yourselves!

I was going to suggest but the site is down.

Fucking Trump.

Trump will get a lot of fucking tonight, I expect.

I suggest for Democratic/liberal suffering, on the off chance the polls are wrong. Or just stay on the Dope!

His lawyers certainly got fucked today here in Nevada. Cite.

Thanks Bo, that was lovely. I certainly hope the Dem can hold onto the Latino vote. The Latino vote has changed California after Gov. Wilson was stupid in the 1990s.

@DonaldTrump, your lawyers got a spanked by a GIRL-Judge!

Jason Miller(Trump Asshole) was on CNN claiming the lawsuit was to determine if records were being kept of the votes cast so that was a win.

No, it was rigged. It’s a rigged system I tell you, believe me, it’s rigged. Everyone knows it’s rigged, rigged by the lamestream media and Bill Clinton.


That’s nothing … Trump is gonna get pantsed by a woman who’s a bigger man than he is. And she’s got bigger hands too.

Try the Hannity political forum. The Handroids are bashing each other with “I told you so’s!” and the Sore Cruzers are flinging poo at the Trumpets.

Just wondering, why isn’t this in the Pit where we could really have fun? Just wondering.

Patience. Soon enough. soon enough.

The point of the thread is to have fun with punditry/random internet troglodyte meltdowns, not really to attack Dopers. It didn’t need to be in the Pit in 2016, so I’m not sure if it does now.

Was it that long ago? It seems like yesterday. Or today. :wink:

If Hillary loses, do we get to tar and feather her and run her out of the country?

Isn’t this 2016? :wink:

Let’s keep this somewhat light.

If one feels the need to rant and curse and froth at the mouth, we have a perfectly fine forum, The BBQ Pit, where that will be more appropriate.

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At the rate things are going, it’s possible the schadenfreude will be of a different type than originally envisioned…

If anyone wants to take joy from my sorrow, please do so – maybe someone can get some joy out of tonight. :frowning: