The 50 Most Loathsome Americans (2011)

Oh happy day! [Here it is!](htt p:// It is finally out! Ever since Esquire gave up on the Dubious Person Awards, I look forward to this each year.

Here is the link: [noparse]http://buffalobeast[/noparse].com/?p=9585 Visit at your own risk.

Good- I’ve been looking for them to put this out all month. Thanks for letting us know!

All last month, I mean- today’s the first.

Konservatives r teh evil.


I don’t think anyone on that list doesn’t deserve to be on it, but really, it’s like 85% conservative politicians. WE KNOW that nobody likes these assholes. WE GET IT. Surely there have to be some other people to fill out the list.

It is remarkable how many of the names are just on the edge of my memory.

Before reading it, I’m predicting that they did the “#1: You” thing (again).

Oh, good, they finally changed it up.

I was pleased that he included that nitwit Drew Pinsky, although I think the pseudomedical field could use a whole list all to itself.

Koch brothers at number 1 is a good call. A very good call, considering almost no one even realizes who they are or what they’ve done.

Good list. Parts of it made me ashamed, parts of it made me mad, but there was also a bunch of stuff that made me Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there.

I did think 50 was a lot of entries tho. Couldn’t he whittle it down to just the most loathsome 47 or something?

Yeah, I don’t really get the inclusion of Tim Tebow. Regardless of how you feel about his religion, he seems like a decent guy and hasn’t been embroiled in any scandal or accused of anything particularly unsavory.

And Sarah Palin? Jesus, who gives a fuck? She’s so totally irrelevant. It’s like they said, “guys, we HAVE to make sure we get EVERY conservative politician on here.”

It’s just like the BBQ Pit. It seems like two thirds of all pittings are some conservative figure. Look, I don’t like them either. But it’s BORING.

Let’s see if I understand this: Steve Jobs was just slightly less loathsome than Jerry Sandusky? Does anyone actually take this crap seriously?

So basically anybody that more that had more than one national news articles dedicated to them this year are the scum of the earth?

Tell me about it.

Jobs should be at least up at #3.


Trend Micro has confirmed that this website can transmit malicious software or has been involved in online scams or fraud.

So much for looking. Was J Edgar Hoover there?

Yep, it got blocked for me at work as well for the same reason. Hope everyone’s OK.

I broke the link. Caveat clicktor.

No, but the ‘#50: Me’ thing raised a laugh.

Any such list that doesn’t have Fred Phelps, of WBC infamy, is no good.

Maybe they’re DNFTT.