The 50 Most Loathsome Americans (2011)

“42) Ed Schultz: Crimes: Called Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut,” when everyone knows she’s a right-wing cunt.”

Well, there’s that. And it’s a bit of fun every year.

Well, not to hijack **Paul in Qatar’**s thread, but seeing we can’t view it, can we make a list of our own? Maybe without politicians (unless of course they have been jailed, or corrupt, or being a jerk on these boards.

I guess for everyone we nominate, someone will have some sympathy. So I will kick it off with someone who seems to have no saving graces:

  1. Babyface Nelson.

I have oft thought we could get a nice list of 50 Alarming Americans going in November or December for a 1 January ‘publication.’ It would be amusing, or at least diverting. But I fear this is not the time nor the place for a publishing project.

Besides, Nelson is dead. That LA schoolteacher has to have a place on our list.

When I saw the title, I instantly thought of Larry Ellison and maybe Mark Hurd. Then I looked through the list and saw Steve Jobs. Wow it is like the Lousy Personality Trifecta of Silicon Valley. Ok, not really. Anyway from what I hear, they are all great pals. Birds of a feather…

Hey! Let’s take gratuitous juvenile swipes at conservatives! That’s a totally original and hilarious idea that nobody has ever thought of before! Look, most of these people probably do suck, but let’s stop pretending that there aren’t enough liberal dickweeds of equal standing is deceiving themselves.

There aren’t enough liberal dickweeds of equal standing. Which doesn’t mean that peppering the list with the same predictable names is going to be entertaining all the time, unless you rename the list “stupidest things the same 50 conservative politicians did this year”. Which would be more entertaining to the readers because they’d know what they’d be getting.

This year’s is not nearly as witty as the list from years past. Was it a slow year or do they have a new writing staff?

There are a huge amount of liberal dickweeds. Some liberals just don’t want to see the people on their side that way. Conservatives want to lecture everybody on what to do, liberals want to look down on non-liberals as stupid. Yes, before anybody says anything, these are gross generalizations. I know that.