the 8 word movie archive

Alright folks, it’s high time we had a high quality 8 word archive of movies. That is to say, give the title and the year it came out and then you have 8 words to sum it up.

Why 8? Because 7 was too hard and 9 was too easy. Or if you prefer, 7 8 9 (say it out loud… yes I’m a dork.)

So I’ll start.

Blues Brothers - Because they are on a mission from God.

Now you go.

[since the other mistitled thread was asked to be closed, I’ll re-post here]

The Lion in Winter(1968):Those damn kids,AND my wife-don’t ask!

The Matrix - Red pill, blue pill. Love. Truth. Martial Arts.

Romeo and Juliet (1968) Two whacky teens fall in love. - Hijinks ensue !!!

Labyrinth - Maze to stolen baby leads to Bowie’s crotch.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension: Just what the title says minus one word

Rocky II - Underdog boxer fights flashy guy, wins this time!

Striptease– Vegas headliner leaves, seeks better life as prostitute.

Friday the 13th ~ Angry mom decides inattentive camp counselors must die.

Friday the 13th, Pt 2 ~ Not so dead son gets revenge for mom.

Friday the 13th, Pt 3 ~ Hey guys, let’s jump on the 3D bandwagon!

Friday the 13th, Pt 4 ~ Angry young Goonie kicks Jason Vorhees’ hockeymasked ass.


They really should have stopped with this one.

Friday the 13th, Pt 5 ~ Phony Jason hacks up mentally umbalanced young adults.

Friday the 13th, Pt 6 ~ Undead killer in a hockey mask returns. Whee.

Friday the 13th, Pt 7 ~ Whiny telekinetic chick brings Jason back once more.


Did anyone besides me even see this garbage?

Friday the 13th, Pt 8 ~ Jason hits Broadway, takes a bath in sewage.

Halloween ~ Jamie Lee Curtis flees psychotic in William Shatner mask.

Halloween 2 ~ Donald Pleasance blows up Michael Meyers real good.

Halloween 3 ~ Magical masks, and no Meyers, makes decent flick.

Halloween 4 ~ Carpenter gives up, studio keeps cranking out garbage.

Halloween 5 ~ Hey, wait, isn’t this the exact same movie?

Halloween 6 ~ A secret society wants Meyers for unexplained reasons.

H20 ~ It’s not a sequel, it’s a bad remake.

Phantasm ~ Creepy old man invades town with killer ball.

Phantasm 2 ~ The ball is back, but so is Reggie!

Phantasm 3 ~ The Ice Cream Man Cometh, one more time.

Phantasm 4 ~ We took it just one movie too far.

Blazing Saddles - Black Western sherriff fights with cowboys and imbeciles.

Citizen Kane - It’s all about a old man’s dammed sled.

The Spy Who Loved Me - James Bond and Russian chick thwart SSBN thief.

The Posiedon Adventure - Shouting priest leads people through capsized luxury liner.

Airport 1975 - Pilots dead, so Karen Black has to fly.

China Seas - Clark Gable fights with pirates and Jean Harlow.

Flash Gordon ~ Quarterback makes friends, fights aliens with his football-fu.

Buck Rogers ~ Astronaut takes long nap, wakes up with Twikki.

Monster Dog ~ Alice Cooper shoots videos, turns into werewolf, dies.

Red Heat ~ Shwartzenegger and Belushi fight crime as whacky partners.

Alien Nation ~ Sykes and Francisco stop overdosing alien bad guys.

Fight Club- You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

Bring it on- Cheerleaders-- smart, sexy and settle for second place.

Old School- It’s Will Ferrell singing “Dust in the Wind!!”

Alien ~ Monster on the ship? Let’s all split up!

Aliens ~ Burke’s a weenie, Ripley kicks Alien Queen’s ass.

Alien[sup]3[/sup] ~ Three writers and two directors really ruin movie.

Alien: Resurrection ~ Entire genetic structure changed by facehugger? Okay, whatever.

Trilogy of Terror ~ All you’ll remember is the Zuni fetish doll.

When a Stranger Calls ~ The calls are coming from inside the house!

[sub]Hell, that one wrote itself.[/sub]

The Stuff ~ Marshmallow Fluff from outer space conquers the world.

Trick or Treat ~ Skippy plays record backwards, summons dead rock star.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - 4 Hobbits, 1 elf, 1 dwarf, 3 humans. [Yes I know there is a flaw with this one but as far as they know in this story it is 3 humans]

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Much much awesomeness. Never doubt the old man.

The Italian Job (2003) - “You’re not very bright are you? No? Perfect.” [adaptation of the quote of Lyle in the car watching Handsome Rob with the woman.]

Good Will Hunting - How you like dem Apples? Damn Janitor Geniuses.

Ghost World (2001) Thora Birch drives off every person she knows
Dr. Strangelove(1963) End of world’s not end of the world…
Training Day(2001) Just do what your training partner says… Oops!

Falling Down - Yes! you actually are the bad guy, moron!

Rear Window: Mind your own business and marry Grace Kelly!

Vertigo: Things aren’t what they seem . . . or are they?

The Birds: Sex will set you free–or kill you.

The Trouble with Harry: A corpse who can’t lie still: Who dunnit?

The Lady Vanishes: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

Family Plot: What the hell’s wrong with Karen Black’s eyes?

Jamaica Inn: What the hell’s up with Charles Laughton’s eyebrows?

Rebecca: It’s hard to find good help nowadays. . . . Help! Fire!!!