The Ad-Aware sound

You know, the sound it plays when it’s found spyware on your system. It’s a thoroughly undescribable sound, except for the strange notion that my brain has that it’s the sound of a spider burping. But what is it that is so bone-jarringly unpleasant about it? Even when I have steeled myself against it, knowing that it’s coming, it still startles me. Usually though, I’ve long forgotten that I even started the scan, so it really, really startles me.

Am I the only person that thinks the sounds is just as evil as the spyware that it’s proclaiming found?

Nope, I do too. My first thought is “oh shit, my computer’s dying!”

Add me to the list of “Oh no, it’s that sound!” I like Ad-Aware a lot – but … eugh!

When you’ve got it running in the background and for whatever reason, happen to have your speakers up loud. YIKES!!!

I like it a lot and use it frequently and it still has the ability to scare the shit out of me.

It doesn’t scare me so much anymore now that I know what it is, but it’s hard to forget the first time I heard it–GAH! My computer makes enough weird noises as it is, why did they have to add one more? And a LOUD one at that.

It’s kind of like a “GLURP!”…

I love that sound. It is the only buzz I get :eek:.

Good for curing the hiccups too!


Semi-hijack: I haven’t had any adware in over a year now, and I don’t even take any special measures to protect myself. Am I unusual? (Or is my AdAware broken?) I don’t even remember there being a sound. Anyone have an mp3 of it or something?

I find Avast’s Mr American Guy kind of distracting though. There you are, happily wasting time on your computer when a blue box pop out of your system tray and a voice announced “VIRUS DATABASE HAS BEEN UPDATED!” Well… thanks. o.O

tee hee

My AdAware went off (spluuuuuuuuurgh!) right when I was reading the OP!!

Hmm… maybe

Heehee, it gets me every time too.

It startles me too! Heh.

I’ve always thought of it as a squished bug sound.

Yep, I just about jump out of my skin when my speakers are turned up to listen to music, and that thing goes off. I kind of think of it as a “computer fart.”

I love it. It’s the perfect sound for what it’s accomplishing. Always makes me smile.

What’s really great is when you’re doing house cleaning or laundry or something, you’ve been rocking out to music with the bass and the treble cranked up and you’re just rocking the f* out, and so being the multitasker you are, you start Ad Aware to do its thing as you focus on other stuff. Since your HD could hold the library of congress, and almost does, the scan takes a while and you stop thinking about it.

Just after you finish playing the air guitar along with Guns and Roses - Sweet Child of Mine, you stop and bow to the imaginary audience and then, “WHAAAAAAAHM” the Ad Aware sound blares over your sound system and nearly knocks you on your ass, and nearly soils osme of your freshly washed laundry.

Uh yeah, I hate that sound.

But I loooove air guitar :wink:

Count me in as well. I’m astonished to see so many in agreement - I thought it was just me.

Hate it. But I love the little flashing “bloated tick” icon it uses.

That damn thing almost made me shit my pants on multiple occasions. Glad to see I’m not the only one getting surprised by that noise.

Ah yes, the Ad-Aware Wet Fart Of Doom noise.

Little kid voice “oh oh” of WS_FTP_Pro from Ipswitch Software is much better approach to a warning noise.