The all-purpose beauty/fashion thread Fall & Winter 2012

After losing 30-odd pounds this year I’ve had to start my wardrobe from scratch. I realize that a lot of the smart fashion and beauty advice that I’ve taken to heart actually came from the 'dope. So rather than have a specific narrow thread, let’s have a great big one!

-I bought my first grown-up coat, a long black overcoat from Tahari. Fitted at the waist and I’ve been turning heads everywhere I go.

-I’m loving the fact that Mad-Men style dresses are in. Thick fabric that’s fitted all over are perfect for my hourglass shape.

-I got these great motorcycle boots in the 10" size (sale, so no active zappos link).

-Rent the Runway is phenomenal and I’m so grateful it exists.

-I’m in need of a cream blush that would work with my latte skin tone; my foundation is L’Oreal True Match N4 Buff Beige

Your turn!

One obligatory bump!

Good for you, losing weight! (I’m not even going to try until after New Years, myself.)

Do you have an Ulta or Sephora near you? They can give you makeup advice, but if all you want is a cream blush, you will have to be strong and not come out of the store with a full shopping bag. Maybe they can give you samples?

Old Navy’s fox sweater sold out.

All the joy has gone out of life.

I now stalk them every morning, when they put returns back on their website. This morning it was briefly available in the wrong size.

I hate everything.

I’m kind of in your shoes. I, too, have lost a bunch of weight this year. I have some clothes that I saved from before I gained the weight. But that was like 8 yrs ago and I am a different person. The jeans and a couple of tops are fine, but the rest of it, I don’t if it looks too young for me now, or out of style, or what.

I don’t even know what “styles” I like. After so many years of making do with whatever I could find in plus sizes, I find that there are a million different styles out there in “normal size” land. I really don’t enjoy shopping and trying on a bunch of stuff, but I think I will have to. Plus, I don’t want to buy too much because I still have about 20-30 lbs to lose.

Congratulations on your weightloss! Love the boots!

I just went to a clothing swap, and it was phenomenally successful. I walked out with three very full bags of great clothes.

The person who hosts it does it twice a year. It’s very much a free-for-all. Her house is open from 6-9 PM, and she serves light snacks and wine. People are welcome to come in for as much or as little time as they like. Invitees are encouraged to bring guests, as the more that come and the greater diversity in tastes and sizes, the better it works.

People are encouraged to bring as much or as little as they like. When you come in, your clothes are dumped into piles (pants, shirts, dresses, jewelry, purses, shoes, hats/scarves/gloves) and then go “shopping” from the piles. There are no rules on how much you can take. If you like it, it’s yours. If you end up not wearing it, well, there is always the next clothing swap. All leftovers are donated to a good cause.

I highly recommend the Dukan diet. I picked it because it alleges to have the highest success rate. Essentially low carb, low sugar low salt. I’ve kept it off for…7 months now. It’s not hard; you don’t have to deny yourself after you’ve lost the weight, you just look at food completely differently and you don’t crave crap.

I do have a Sephora…I’m scared to go in! I like nice hair products and I’m afraid I’ll like nice makeup too.

Do you have a link? Why is it so amazing? The few Old Navy items I bought years ago fell apart within 3 washings so I never got into it.

I’m sure Stacy & Clinton would disagree with me, but I wouldn’t shop till you’re done. 20 pounds down my clothes did NOT fit at ALL and I felt the overwhelming urge to shop. I didn’t and I’m glad I waited till 30. The clothes I have are a wee big snug because I’ve got 5 to go, which is fine by me.

I did buy one pair of jeans every 10-15 pounds. Wore them so I was conscious of my body aside from the scale. And you definitely need new bras, don’t wait! :stuck_out_tongue:

And congrats to you too :slight_smile: It’s something to be quite proud of. Have you tried browsing high end consignment stores? I would link to more of my cool finds but a lot are consignment finds! Also, watch What Not to Wear. A lot of it. Stacy likes a LOT more color and print than I do but watch the fit; whatever your body type is, see how they dress it.

This is a nice idea – the only friends I have that dress like me are from high school actually. So a holiday swap would be great!

I’m sort of in your exact same situation (lost 30 pounds for the wedding, now don’t know how to dress myself.) I experimentally ordered some skinny jeggings and flat boots to try that whole look, which the husband likes quite a bit but I think is a bit muffin-toppy and can’t quite figure out how to work. I mean, one should balance out tight on the bottom with loose up top, right? (Doesn’t help that we spent two weeks in Eastern Europe, where I always did mean to buy some pants, where the aesthetic is “show all your curves, all of them, in these megatight pants!”)

I really don’t know how to dress casual nicely - I mean, I have nice work clothes, but then I come home and wear pajamas. The boots I got I’m considering returning because they’re too large in the calf even over the skinny jeans, but they’re really comfortable in the foot part and I’m wondering if a shoe repair place could take them in a smidge?

First of all, skinny jeans are a myth. Absolutely NOBODY looks good in them unless they are themselves long and lean, with the body of an adolescent boy. If you have hips or a chest, you need to be in at minimum a straight leg, preferably a boot cut. Yes, they’re not as prevalent these days as matchstick, cigarette and skinny jeans but they are in all major stores and they are universally flattering.

Certainly no dig on on the hubby but he’s probably just rolling in “shit, she looks good, and I like her best naked and tighter clothes are closer to her being naked so…”

Are you pear shaped? Apple? Hourglass? Athletic, which is just hourglass but more narrow? I’m always an advocate of shopping by shape.

Keens makes a great boot that accommodates good sized calves.

And of course congrats on your success :slight_smile:

Old Navy clothes are cheap, yes, and they mostly don’t last very long, but all of that facilitates frequent buying of fun new clothes, which I’m totally into. I’ve done the “very few, high quality” route. For years I had like four sweaters and four bottoms to my name. I think both routes are equally valid.

The fox sweater is a big deal to me because several designers have put out very expensive fox sweaters this fall. The Old Navy one is not only $29.97, but it’s much cuter in my opinion. Unfortunately, I dithered over buying it and now it’s pretty well gone. This morning it was briefly available in XS.

About jeans–Old Navy’s Sweetheart Skinny jeans are actually not skinny or matchstick, just a little tapered. They would have looked weirdly wide in the early 90s. I’ve been wearing them and like them a lot. The bootcut jeans were starting to feel dated to me.

Exactly - I love bootcut jeans but they’re starting to look a little dated to me. I’m afraid I’ll wake up one morning and look in the mirror and realize I’m wearing mom jeans. (And as my husband doesn’t understand what makes all the jeans he likes dad jeans…)

I’m hourglass to slight pear depending on the bra I’m wearing.

I do it myself, but the “brown riding boots over skinny jeans” thing has gone way too far! I saw a group of literally 10 girls walking the other day, all of which were wearing the same basic lower-body combo.

I buy Old Navy’s “perfect t’s” and tank tops from time to time because they are pretty cheap and last Ok, plus they’re only t-shirts and usually used for layering or sleeping in.

The problem is that I have lost 50+ pounds this year and almost nothing fits. It’s all HUGE. I still have 20-30 to go. I did find a couple of tops I like at the thrift store and REI was having a great sale, to I got a skirt and top, plus the t’s at Old Navy, and I think that will hold me through winter, into spring when hopefully I will be another couple sizes down.

I kind of did what you suggest with the jeans only, I saved one pair in each size as I was getting fatter. I’m almost into my 14s and I have a pair of 12s. So I am using them as a measure of my shape aside from what the scale says. I did splurge on new bras, though. Went to Nordstrom and had a fitting. Bought two, beige and black.

I think I will check out What not to Wear. I used to watch the British version years ago, but haven’t checked out the US version yet.

If you’re looking for some brand recommendations for a cream blush, I really love Becca (esp Turkish Rose), Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge (Pale Pink), Julie Hewitt’s Cheekie and The Multiple by Nars (Orgasm and Malibu). The best hint I got from makeup artist Lisa Eldridge was to use a fluffy brush to apply and blend, gives a wonderful natural finish - good everyday tutorial here (I love her!)

I’m going to check out this and Sattua’s recommendation of the fox sweater. I like Kohl’s men’s brand Apt 9 fitted tshirts. I can’t stand to wear blouses (plus they’re expensive!) so I often wear their fitted tshirts.

New bras made me feel amazing. I went from a 36D to a 34D/DD but I felt so different. What not to Wear is excellent. Especially if you have DVR you can blitz through them and hear a lot of good advice: dress for your shape. Own timeless classics. Layer. Dress for the weather. Items have to “go”, not match. You can be comfortable and appropriate.

Anybody get good Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals? I’m not finding anything swoon-worthy…

Things I hate: peplum dresses. They do not flatter ANYBODY. Does not compute.

Things I love: rose gold making a comeback. Nearly everyone looks good with rose gold. And it’s so classic!

I just bought some adorable Mary Janes (the shoes) from of all places, LL Bean. The quality is obvious in these and they are so cute! Not exactly cheap though.

I do most of my clothes shopping at Kohl’s - I like their sizes, their sales, and I get money back. I hate jeans, and only own one pair. I suppose I should get another. Not blue jeans, though.

Oh! Boscov’s has cute tennis bracelets on sale - cubic zirconia - for 10 or 15 dollars. I’ve always wanted one but was unwilling to buy diamonds for any reason, so I’ll be getting one and buying for my cousin, too!

(I hope that was ok - just a mishmash of fashion stuff.)

Congrats to the OP!

That is exactly what the thread is supposed to be!! And thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you explain the Kohl’s thing – how do you “get money back”? I really like their Apt 9 men’s tshirts; they’re fitted and somehow very flattering on me. ((I like the ease of wearing tshirts but realize I can’t wear a Hanes multipack heading into my mid 20’s and be taken seriously.))

Not exactly money back. But I buy often from them and every so often I get a gift card: $10 towards anything in the store. It usually has a minimum purchase price, but I wait until the card comes before I buy, so it works well for me.

I’m very happy with it.

The fox sweater (and owl and sheep sweaters) were released in Old Navy stores Friday before last, and the owl and sheep have been restocked on the website.

I… um… own all three now.