The Amazing Race 11/14

Hell, sometimes they’re not actually even dating! Rebecca and Hellboy (from Season 6) had broken up ages before the race. She actually applied at first with her then-current boyfriend and they were rejected. She figured this was because he was too boring, so she enlisted her ex, Adam (Hellboy), to apply with her.

Of course, they got on, because Adam was a huge mama’s boy and Rebecca was a chrome-plated bitch, which apparently is a surefire recipe for casting directors on TAR. Rebecca later went on to fame as the trainer who tried to date her lesbian boss on Work Out on Bravo in order to get ahead in her career.

The Race was run in May-June of this year. Chad & Steph, in their interview on the CBS site, say that they started dating in December and moved in together in January. So they’ve been dating 6-7 months or so when the race was actually filmed.

Watching Nick blow a gasket about the flat tire and throw stuff around, I started hoping he and Tattoine don’t have a child at some point.

I didn’t get the geography of the rappelling thing- they rappelled down quite a way but then walked up a path to meet their partner? Was the rappeller driven farther up the mountain first, or something?

There’s an ongoing discussion as to whether RTFC is TAR#1 or TAR#2 – but either way, how in Cecil’s name could teams forget to R!T!F!C!??

The only way it could be worse if a single team forgets to read the clue in consecutive legs.

He wasn’t just a mama’s boy, IMO he seemed at least mildly retarded. He was like 30 and didn’t know how to clip his own toenails, he threatened suicide when he lost his sunglasses, he broke down crying…etc. He was certainly mentally ill (or playing the role of someone who was). It was probably the second worst casting choice on TAR (after J and Victoria) IMO.

And allegedly (from interviews with other racers at the time), she told Hellboy that they were back together to get him to join her on the show and as soon as filming started she started flirting with other people until she realized how badly her slutting around on her “boyfriend” was hurting their chances. (Also: wasn’t she the prissy freak who, after a 10 hour plane ride had a hissyfit about a challenge involving eating 2 slices of pizza?)

It was actually worse than that. They BOTH had issues…Rebecca apparently doesn’t eat cheese, and Adam apparently doesn’t eat tomatoes. In comparison with how Kat overcame her 22 freakin’ years of vegetarianism to eat that sheep’s head this season, those two look even worse.

Also–what was with the detour (a choice between two tasks, each with it’s own pros and cons) this week?

Fill a truck up with water and drive it someplace or cook a 25 chicken soup after collecting all the ingredients? There’s no way that cooking 25 frozen chickens would take less than like 3 hours, let alone any other prepwork/finishing.

This was more like “A detour is a choice between two tasks. One incredibly time-consuming, one that’s no big deal.”

Bad choice Amazing Producers.

I was under the impression that it was just “collect these ingredients and present them to the couple”, and I was absolutely perplexed that no one chose it - considering they said that navigating the water truck would be “incredibly complex and difficult”. I assume editing error.

I don’t really get all the Jill and Thomas hate. Yeah, he’s obnoxious every now and then - but he’s also visibly competitive. No, he’s not as calm as Nat and Kat (they’re amazing), but he’s not Chad or Tatoopid level obnoxious at any point. Sulking on the mat was a little poorsportmany, but they just lost a sweet prize because of his stupidity (which he immediately owned up to). Once they passed Chad and Stephanie on the water task, they had a clear lead - which sucks ass when you lose it for doing something stupid. I think they’re the favorites to win.

I did a double-take upon hearing that too. Obviously a no-brainer, although I was kind of hoping one of the teams would choose the wedding soup so I could see what it entailed.

I think they just put that in hoping it would confuse Nick.

“Ali Baba in the soup? We’re looking for Ali Baba in the soup.”

It was kind of sad that by the time the last 2 teams got to the souq, the only places open & lit were the 2 places you had to go for the Race.

From the wording of Phil’s description - I think they had to collect the ingredients (probably with specific numbers of each item you had to meet exactly), then find the wedding & deliver them, then take the soup that someone else had already prepared and give it to the bride & groom. I can’t imagine they really planned to have the racers spend 2 hours stirring soup.

I don’t know why – perhaps something in the visuals? --but when they read the description of the water task in my mind they were going to have to manually pump enough water to fill some kind of truck before delivering it. IOW, I was seeing the challenge as a traditional choice between a taste that was physically tiring vs one that gave you many chances to screw up over details.

When it turned out that the most challenging aspect was pulling a starter rope …:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

And, can I just say, in reference to almost all of the water truck drivers, “YUM!” I turned to supervenusfreak and said, “I want to go on vacation in Oman next year.”

I thought the same thing–the task never mentioned actually making soup, only finding ingredients and presenting the finished soup to the wedding couple.

But IIRC, he totally snarfed down the pizza and she just whiiiiiiiiiiined.

Worst though was the yuppie twerp* from a few seasons back (Terence?) who nearly swooned at the thought of touching his o-so-delicate lips to meat. (I get that it’s tough for a vegetarian to start eating meat–it was his over-the-top reaction that gets the contempt)

Heh–you’re probably right…but can you imagine some of the antsier teams going batshit crazy on a two-three hour “sit around and wait” task? Watching them crack would be big fun.

Racer: Is it soup yeeeeeeettttttt?
Angry chef: Is NOT! Shut up you. Stir! Simmer, don’t boil!
Racer: < head explodes >

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to do all the prep work - and watching Brooke or Chad dismember 25 chickens would have been pretty amusing as well.

Oh, and WTH was up with the hotel room that they showed Chad & Stephanie in? I thought they put the Racers up in the crappiest digs available. That room seemed pretty nice - hopefully it was infested with roaches or bedbugs.

Phil’s speech:

“In Wedding Table, teams make their way to this traditional Arab market, where they must purchase 25 frozen chickens,and all the rest of the ingredients for a traditional wedding soup meant to bring health and virility. When they have presented the bride and groom with the customary dish of ?La Couse? teams will receive their next clue.”

So it may have just been a carry/navigate by foot/delivery task, or the clue may have been more descriptive and they just cut Phil’s speech since no one picked that task.

Eh, my wife and I were engaged two months after we met and married nine months after we met – over ten years ago. So Chad and Steph don’t strike me as exceptionally impestuous. He’s a tool, though.

I don’t think Zut was offering commentary one way or another. I will, however, and could never imagine getting engaged a mere 6 months after meeting.