The Amazing Race 3/18: "Uglier Than a Mud Rail Fence" : LIKELY DELAYED

Nope. You were not. :slight_smile:

I called Kerri and Stacy getting eliminated early on in the episode, when they seemed to have more screen time than ever before. I thought their post-Philimination interview talk of “We’re showing the girls in our family that we can do anything!!! You don’t have to be an athlete to be amazing!!!” was completely negated by the comment earlier in the episode, “I can navigate myself to the mall and that’s about it.”

Grrrrl power. Roar. :rolleyes:

One of the eliminated girls mentioned early in the episode that her husband is a pro-basketball player. Who is he?

Probably nobody anyone’s heard of…

From here.

I’m guessing this is him.

And apparently “Umana Venezia” translates to the Venice Humans… O.o

I don’t have any ovaries, but I believe they meant they recognized that they’re high maintenance girly girls, who would be hesitant to get their hands dirty doing something physically difficult.

I have testicles, but I interpret it as: pink lipstick epitomizes femininity. We’re girly girls, but we can still kick butt at the physical manly challenges, Except, well, no they didn’t. But I liked them anyway, especially after they did the cheerleader “A-W-E-S-O-M-E…AWESOME!” at the mat.

I just loved the finish line in the barn – every time the doors opened for the camera man, all the cows would turn and look in unison. Cracked me up.

Many European basketball teams are named after a corporate sponsor instead of a mascot. is the website for what I think is a temporary staffing agency in Venice, so I presume they are the team sponsor.

After hearing Mark & Bopper mangle every foreign name they’ve been presented with, up to an including “Bavaria”, I think the Amazing Editors took pity on them and cut all references to Neuschwanstein.

Ooh, I smell a Community/Amazing Race crossover.

At least they didn’t think they were going to Bolivia.

God only knows. A random collision between her two functioning brain cells.

I cracked up when the cows mooed after the host said the team was eliminated.

On the beard thing, the only friendly reading I can think of is that the idea of styling a beard was so foreign that she assumed it was a German word.

Not knowing how much of a description is given on that piece of paper, if with no context I was asked “do you want to play with gingerbread or style a beard” I might have an 'Uh, what" moment.

Hotay, I can grant you that, but still… Wouldn’t sensible brains, even in the heat of the race, ask “What kind of beard? On an old Bavarian dude? Are we talking mussels here? 'Cause I’m allergic to shellfish. Or do you mean James Beard?[1]” or something? Rather than “I don’t know what a beard is”? I dunno, maybe I’m just looking for reasons to hate her other than the fact that she’s an emotionally fragile ninny.

That said, I really wanted them to take the gingerbread task, if only to see her eating the bits of gingery goodness as they went, only to have the witch looking disapprovingly at her at the end. Yes, I do not like her. And I do like me some gingerbread.
[1] Grooming James Beard would be both futile and rather disgusting at this point, him bein’ dead and all…

I’m just trying to explore for possible friendly readings of things since it seems unlikely that she honestly has no idea what a beard is.

But then maybe I have more moments of real words seeming fake than most people. I still remember a 4th grade, in-class, spelling bee where I was given the word “of” and responded with “uv? UV? There’s not such word as uv?” Then spent the next three weeks being mercilessly teased for stupidity.

I missed it last night, and when I went to watch this morning, it froze up twice, both times right after the first commercial break, when the two women from Mississippi(?) were lost driving around Bavaria…

Anyone able to successfully watch the whole episode at

I don’t know if it was easier if you had no idea how to style hair. All the teams that did it either had women or men who specifically said they knew how to style hair. At least for myself, I think I would’ve been boned on the beard thing. The gingerbread thing didn’t look hard at all, despite all the teams bitching about it. “WAHH I HAVE TO BREAK UP THE SQUARES!”

Man… 180 gnome tosses?

I haven’t viewed this particular episode, but I have had problems in the past with (a) full-screen mode, or (b) switching between open browser windows while the episode is running. Try running just the small embedded viewer, and keeping the CBS browser window as the active window. If that still doesn’t work, then I dunno.

Thank You for the tips; I will give it another try!!!

Of the many things Rachel is, beard is not one of them.

Because SHE. IS. VEGAS!!!

What happens in Rachel, stays in Rachel?