The anal sports teams game

I saw a thread about Anal car names and, while watching a football game with my dad, asked myself “What if we put the word “anal” in front of the names of sports teams?” The result was amusing.

The Anal Browns
The Anal Rams
The Anal Dolphins

I’m sure y’all know what to do.

My high school team was the Comets.

Anal Comet sounds like something lieu might start a thread about!

Anal Raiders

Anal Blazers

Anal Kings

Anal Cowboys

Anal Giants

Anal Packers

Man. That pretty much takes it all. Game over! :smiley:

The Anal Pistons

The Anal Avalanche

The Anal Predators

The Anal Thrashers

The Anal Hurricanes

The Butt Pirates? :wink:

The Anal Chargers.

The Anal 49ers… Now there’s a position I can’t and won’t imagine.

The Anal Dodgers.

The Anal Angels.
And here I was expecting a sex thread.

The Anal Tigers.


The Anal As (gotta think about that one)
The Anal United
The Anal Arsenal
The Anal Twins

Anal Spurs (ouch)
Anal Clippers (OUCH)
Anal Rockets
Anal Hawks
Anal Wizards
Anal Wolves
Anal Warriors (hah)
Anal Magic (I’ll put that on my username list)

My high school team was the Fighting Irish. I’m not too sure what to make of the result, and who exactly is is they’re fighting.

Let’s try some Pittsburgh teams:

Anal Steelers? doesn’t sound right
Anal Pirates- see above, Butt Pirates
Anal Penguins

But the best is from the now-defunct USFL team:

Anal Maulers

Indiana High School teams:

Frankfort Anal Hot Dogs

Logansport Anal Berries

Hobart Anal Brickies :eek:

Speedway Anal Spark Plugs.

Women’s basketball, anyone?

Anal Shock
Anal Fever
Anal Liberty
Anal Sparks
Anal Comets
Anal Monarchs
Anal Storm
Anal Mystics

Alas, the now defunct WUSA:

Anal Power
Anal Breakers
Anal Cyberrays
Anal Beat
Anal Charge
Anal Courage
Anal Spirit

And my favorite, appropriately enough from Washington DC (in honor of the Supreme Court decision?):
Anal Freedom

Anal Chargers
Anal Padres (Too much time in the monastery?)
Anal Sting (ouch!)
Anal Buccaneers (been done…)
Anal Rangers
Anal Jets
Anal Oilers :smiley:

Anal Flames.

Anal Trojans