The Angry People of Alternate Sexualities Thread

We’ve all seen the fun version of this in MPSIMS, but goddammit I’m really sick of people hating us.

I am so fucking sick of evil conservative fucktards attacking us, rallying against people who teach others to accept us, going after anything that mentions us.

We are not some other species you fucking asshole! We are all around your stupid close-minded ass. We are 10 percent of everyone you bible-beating, cock-sucking hate-monger! WE ARE EVERYWHERE! I don’t mind being messed with about my sexuality, but that’s different than spawning hate and fear of us.

FUCK YOU CONSERVATIVE AMERICA!! I swear if I ever got the chance to beat the living shit out of G.W. Bush for being so frigging stupid and backwater I would. And I wouldn’t want to get away with it either, I want to get caught, and let everyone know that I pranced my prissy little bisexual ass over to your dumbass, straight, redneck president and kicked his ass.

Thank you.



As an addition: FUCK YOU JACK CHICK!

You would have saved some time if you would have just said “Pissed off Gay Person’s Thread”. Damn it, why do YOU PEOPLE always have to make things more complicated than they really are, huh?? ::grumble, grumble::


And a happy “Fuck you!” right back at you you Chucklehead.

Just because certain people are assholes doesn’t give you a blank check to go make blanket condemnations based on political affiliation.

You don’t exactly win any points for gay folk by such statements.

As far as I’m concerned all it proves is that you and shitheads like Rich G7 subs deserve each other. You are after all the same.

Does your “Fuck you” also include the very conservative yet gay Governor of Arizona?

Does it include Barry Fucking Goldwater, the father of Modern Conservatism, who lobbied against Clinton’s “don’t ask don’t tell” military policy and fought for full and recognized rights and opportunities for gay servicemen.

Does it include me? I’m, conserative. I’ve never done anything to you. Why are you pissing in my direction?

In my short time here at the SDMB I have learned that gay people do not like the term cocksucker.

It insults gay men in particular so I think you owe them an apology.

Didn’t we have a lot of sexual preference charged threads last year at this time?

Maybe it’s something in the air.

Speaking as a guy who has been in the position of cocksucker a few times, I don’t feel I owe the gay men an apology.

I clearly owe Scylla an apology though. I engaged in the same kind of generalization and broad attacks that I came here to attack. I do tend to think of conservative as a dirty word, but I shouldn’t make comments to the effect that all conservatives are stupid gay bashing rednecks. I really do apologize. Sorry Scylla.


I bet next we will get depressed life has no meaning threads:)


No problem. I think it takes real class to admit an error, especially one that is made for what are clearly valid reasons.

I went a little overboard as well. I could have been more polite, seeing as what caused your rant.

Now if you’ll just admit “Dubya” is the greatest President of all time, all will be forgiven :wink:

Damn. This is my first pit thread, and it’s not going well. This is entirely too conciliatory. Let’s see some tempers running high! Gaaahhh!! I’m angry!

Oh… I can’t do it. I’m a little friendly fairy-man, without an aggressive bone in my body. ::weeps softly into a little pink hankie::


I’d suggest converting to a conservative philosophy, if you’d like to improve your ability to maintain self-righteous anger. Also give up the paisley and go for some Levi buttonfly jeans. I don’t know why but I always seem to be angrier when I wear them.

I thought this was gonna be a thread attacking all the straight people and bisexuals who loudly condemned Rich’s opinions yesterday.

I’m so glad I took the time to read further than the thread title.

And Scylla, you rock. You’re one of the very many people on this board who are prepared to support opinions, lifestyles, and viewpoints with which you don’t agree, and which you emphatically do not personally support, if you believe that attacks on people are unwarranted. By example, you fight ignorance every day. You constantly remind me of the reasons why this is my preferred online community.

A week ago, even the most pro-choice advocates took issue with a particular pro-choice poster; yesterday, something similar happened. No wonder I love this place.


I guess you never read the thread where I got all pissed and teared into the Amish.

I’ve been worse than most as far as unfair generalizations go.

I would just like to point out that this is the best insult that has been directed my way in a long time.

Last week I went to the Elton John/Billy Joel concert. Right outside the arena, there were about five people holding up multicolored signs that proclaimed “God Hates Fags!”
I’m fairly certain they were Fred Phelp’s gang, but I didn’t see him in the crowd. I’m not sure what they were accomplishing anyway. I suppose there’s a .000001% probabilty someone would go to the ticket window and say “excuse me, I’d like my 85 bucks back. The wackos outside just told me I could go to hell and I’m not sure if this concert is worth the risk.”
It really brought me back. The college days where the bible thumping, rapping preacher who hated druggies, witches, and women would tell it like it is from the bible. Good times.

By the way, hell be damned, the concert kicked ass.

Can I have some cites for that Scylla? :wink:

Perhaps you don’t perceive yourself in the same light that I - as a fellow poster - percieve you Scylla, but I always thought that part of the “fighting ignorance” charter included starting out with a set opinion, listening to the rational arguments in favour of and against that opinion, and modifying your opinion when you felt that doing so was warranted.

I don’t see you posting those same Amish threads now…

Oh darling, you must have missed me during my election campaign.

Billy Joel’s gay?!

Scylla my love? Are you wearing those button-flys right out of the dryer? That might be the answer to the problem.