The Apprentice: Donald Trump, 11/03


Let’s just say Marcus overstayed his welcome.

This guy can barely construct a coherent sentence when he speaks, let alone asnwer a simple question.
What the hell was that comment (or something along the lines of): “Yeah, whatever, I don’t think you mean it”, replied after Trump wished him good luck.
The game’s over, dumbass. Happily accept whatever remark Trump gives you, and end it on good terms.

Get a life.

It’s a wonder how you made it this far.

I liked the way they just let the survivors from last week sit and wait…and wait…and wait…to see who came back.

Tonight was Markus at his Markus-iest. Impeding his team, talking gibberish, doing nothing, not shutting up. He never should have even made it this long. Even his cab confession was an incoherent ramble about what a good communicator he is.

Clay’s “Jew” remark was really ill-advised and stupid, even though I don’t think he intended it the way it sounded. I think he was just trying to go along with Adam’s own comments about being a “shy Jewish boy” and it came out really wrong. Howver he meant it, Adam was clearly offended by it and Clay should have known better.

I still don’t know exectly what they were trying to teach with their whole “sex in workplace” theme and I think that was the reason they lost, not because of Markus. It doesn’t matter, though because Markus so clearly needed to be shitcanned and probably never should have been a candidate for the job.

Randal is absolutely owning this season. He’s he guy that every team always wants on their side (and Trump keeps track of things like that). . He’s 2-0 as a PM. No one ever has a word of criticism for him. He’s hella smart (Rhodes Scholar, a PhD and 3 Masters Degrees), he’s competent, he’s a natural leader and even when his team loses, none of the suck ever seems to stick to him. I think that at this point he might be the strongest candidate we’ve ever seen on this show. He’s certainly getting the best edit.

Agreed. When they pulled him back to whatever team got decimated last week (I forget who’s who now) I told my wife, “Ok now they have the dream team.” I’m not sure about Brian, but Randall, Rebecca and Marshawn definitely belong in the final four. Maybe trade in Alla for Brian and you’re there.

Did the sex class cover anything that we didn’t all learn in 9th grade health already?

Trump (or someone) tonight referred to Randall as a doctor. Is he a medical doctor, or did they mean he has a Ph.D.?

Either way, it’s starting to look like working for Trump might be a step down for him. The guy seems to have it all, including charm, charisma, and excellent communication/speaking skills.

If he doesn’t win, it’ll be a shock.

Randall deserves to win. Show over.

I haven’t watched the show, but at the gym tonight one of the TVs in my peripheral vision had it on, and I read some of the subtitles when the TV I was watching was on commercials. Why were they talking about that guy’s sex life…?

Am I the only one that heard Clay hiss to Adam “don’t talk to me!” when they got on the elevator? And am I the only one that saw him slam open the door to the suite? Was he pissed because Adam brought him into the boardroom? Becuase Adam “told” on him? I can’t wait 'til next week to see how this plays out.

In the boardroom, you mean? I missed most of that too. (Eating a late supper.)

Did Donald ask the PM (forgot his name) if he was a virgin?

It came up because the losing team chose sex in the workplace as their subject matter, and the PM admitted he was uncomfortable with it. He wanted it to be done tastefully, and Donald and George both agreed that sex was going to be provocative, that there was no way to talk about it tastefully. (I disagree, but then I’m not Donald.)

Yeah, I heard that too.

I think he was pissed because Adam misrepresented what Clay said. Clay didn’t call him a “tight-ass Jew”. I think what he said was “uptight Jewish boy”, or something like that.

Yeah, they were talking about him being a virgin, and giving him a hard time about it, or so it seemed. It was all very confessional sounding – more like Oprah than what I expected – and strange to hear them talking about it in the boardroom.

My favorite part: Trump’s social commentary.

Upon finding out whatshisface is gay, “Hey! That’s why they have menus in restaurants— I like steak, someone else likes chicken…”

Bless Donald’s heart. :wink:

Still, Clay shouldn’t have thrown that hissy fit at the end. Don’t talk to me!! Slams door!!

I was pretty appalled by that whole exchange. Yes, talking about sex is going to be provocative, and I understand that the point was to look at the discomfort Adam felt, but Donald Trump should know better than to ask a potential employee (on a reality show or not) about his or her sex life. Can you imagine him asking a woman that question? I wonder if there’s some contract they have in place not to sue him for anything that happens on the show, because that is a slippery slope he was going down for sure.

the cab ride was priceless. I was laughing my head off listening to him try to explain. He reminds me of the phrase…“if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

I thought he said “tight jew” not “tight-ass jew”, but whatever. Along with his joy over talking about a co-workers ass, totally inappropiate.

You stole my post! That was such a perfectly bitchy moment! I really thought both Marcus and Clay would get fired, so I sort of expected Clay to be a little more happy that he had survived. But when I heard that comment…can’t wait for next week’s fireworks! I usually tape Everwood and watch Apprentice, missing the first few minutes of the show because church choir never lets out on time, but next week I think I’ll have to tape Apprentice…those opening moments should be priceless!

I felt so bad for Adam when The Donald asked him if he was a virgin…poor guy! Trying to have a little dignity and The Donald gives him the Sex is Great, Your’e Gonna Love It! talk!

In defense of Markus, I just want to say that, broadly but also from a point of view, people sometimes, it’s not just the intelligent ones, the other selfish ones, internal self or external self, might I even say e-ternal self, I’m listening to myself, and what I hear is, coming from the base of the foundation, you’re not getting the real message because you’re not hearing the real messenger, when it’s, not, what, isn’t, can’t, negative, just too much negativity equating to a, not a brush with death, but a sort of swagger, walking, limp knees, and cocoa butter.

PM says to Liberal: "can I talk to you in alone… "

You can, but I really don’t think you’re listening to me. What I’m saying is that I think like a pine tree, not like a crape myrtle. If you will. Hup. Pthuh.

Marcus is one of those guys who wants you to stand there, mute, while he rambles on and on. If you dare to speak one tiny word, you’re “not listening to him” and he feels justified to start all over again. The free flow of discussion, the give and take of conversation, are all lost on him because what he has to say is the most important thing anyone has ever said. You say a word, especially in dissent, and you are “interrupting”.

Can you tell I was married to a guy like that once?

Noone can understand a word you say.