the april fools mmp

here we go …just helped the aunt go through the bills and the jokes on us …….

have fun :slight_smile:

First you fools! :smiley: It’s good to be juvenile!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 44 Amurrkin out and cloudy (dark) with a predicted high of 65 and N.O.S. this afternoon. Today I shall spiff da cave. Also, I need to take the case of coffee cups I ordered from Amazon that’s been in da cave for the past FIVE days over to the church house. No explanation as to why, even with a note on the door to the garage, I have yet to do so in several trips I have made there over the past few days. Ummm… DUH! Bear! Sup shall be pot roast with carrots and N.O.T., corn bread and some other vegetative matter TBD.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Happy Foolish April 1th!!

I am super-proud of my baby girl! She and her spousal unit spent the better part of yesterday looking at vehicles, and they thought they’d found one that would work. It wasn’t exactly what they wanted but it was close and the price worked. At least it did till the dealer tried to set them up with an 11+% note for 75 months. :eek: Despite them badgering her and giving her crap about it being an hour past closing and she *wasn’t going to do the deal!!! *:eek: she just walked. So it looks like some of the stuff I’ve said to her has sunk in.

I just wish she’d not answer “So, what do you want your payment to be?” and just say “We’re financing thru our credit union.” But she’s getting there. Fortunately, it’s not a desperate situation - their car isn’t great, but it runs. They can take their time to shop.

I think Mother Nature has pulled an evil April Fool gag on us - it’s below freezing here! I am not impressed. Stoopit weather.

Happy Moanday, anyway!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work. As far as weather related April Fools, I could have snow and pollen on my car at the same time tomorrow morning.:dubious:

Happy Moonday!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

It’s a N.O.S. and a cold 30 degrees outside.
Supposed to warm up to 48.

My brain is foggy this morning, very annoying because I have a lot to do.

The house is quiet this morning, everybody is sleeping but me.

Afternoon all.
Happy April fools and all that; I don’t think we need it here this year, we have enough silliness around regardless right now.

I’m having a somewhat frustrating day; it’s my normal tiny plant day, and I especially wanted to go over there this week due to potential job stuff. The lady running the place is officially retired and just coming in as a volunteer, so she’s not always there and I email to check she will be before I come in (it being a 45 minute drive and the lab being locked when she’s not).
There is a slight problem with this, however; if she’s not in, she no longer has email access at home on the college system. It’s now part the time I’d normally be there, and no reply to the email yet.

I knew that today the other person who’s normally also there- the lab tech from my branch of the college- isn’t coming in today, and I’m wondering if the tiny plant lady’s taken the day off without telling me, as it’s lovely and sunny. A large part of what she’s normally doing is helping the lab tech learn enough to maybe take over when she wants to properly retire, so she may have decided to swap days this week to the day the lab tech can come in and just forgotten to mention it. Or she could just be there by herself and so busy she hasn’t checked her emails. I dunno. She normally checks first thing when she comes in, but I think I may have just missed that when I sent this morning’s message. So, I’m sitting in on the computer just in case I get a reply to my offer to help out today. This is expected to be the last nice day for a week or so as well…

I think I’ll leave it 'til 1, then go down the allotment and maybe check the bees.

Well, it’s April and the jokes on me; my B-Day is later this month and I’m rolling double-6’s. Worked on youth soccer screwups (my screwups, to make it worse) until 11pm and got about 7 hours sleep. Need to do the Great Monthly Stockage today sometime.

Nut, know it’s rather old-fashioned these days, but couldn’t you just ring her?

Mooooomm, good on Daughter and SIL. I remember walking in to my first car deal on my own and getting skinned real good. Like to think I’ve done better since then (and there is a lot of info on the internet that was there in 1983…

swampy, amazing the things we know we have to do, and then we don’t go ahead and do them…and always remember a hour past the time it would have done any good.

shady, hope the bills aren’t too bad; but good on ya for helping out.

Guess I need to make myself presentable and get some shopping done. It’s 33F outside so I need to drag my heavy jacket out, thought I could retire it for the year.



On other news heading to the library sale today for the final clearance. Other than that, not much.

Roxy is down for her nap, so I have a little time to myself. I vacuumed earlier, so maybe I can take a knit break.

Our school wide PARCC testing starts in 12 minutes, and that’s a big thing tech wise because it is all done on line. Really, on April 1st? Why am I feeling superstitious about this?

Back from my holiday in Tasmania. It was a complete delight, aside from a couple of minor incidents*. There was nice weather, varied beautiful landscapes, and natural wildlife encounters, with great places to stay, plus a nice catch-up time with my Mum, who engineered the whole thing.

*Minor incidents included feeling unwell for a couple of days with tummy ache, and my Mum having a serious fall and hitting her head rather badly

Moanday. Other than that, I got nuthin’

I do believe I saw a (fairly low) meteor flame out last night. Either that or a very quiet, very powerful bottle rocket. It went a distance from when I saw it, changed colors a bit & then flamed out. I don’t think it was a Red Bull stunt because it was both late at night & I saw it over General Suburbia.

So is Lombard St. :rolleyes:
Wait, that means Swampy is…

That crown is killing me. I spent the weekend alternating between zero pain and pain so bad I would get dizzy and nauseated from it. I’m trying to work through it today because I have meetings I need to be at and work that needs to be done soon. I have an appointment at 5; I just need to make it this long.

This kind of stuff is why I’m afraid of the dentist. I had a tooth with some mild cold sensitivity and a small piece missing. Now, I spent $700 and 4 anxiety-filled hours in the dentist’s chair and my tooth is worse than it was before.

I had an old girl friend in the carefree days of my youth pass away in the chair. I go to dentists (but I didn’t for 10 years after that time) but only with medication.

On a very unrelated note ---- about that thinning down and getting rid of things -------- I went back to the library today for the “final bag sale” that included DVDs, CDs and other things not included Saturday. I now have two huge bags of maybe 150-200 obscure music CDs to listen to. Some are really good I am sure; the one I have on now is WYEPs 25 years of live performances. But others I am sure will suck like the greatest hits of Arkansas (it must be blank). But basically 50 pounds of tunes for $10? How can you say no?

Yeah – easily. Just not me. I shouldn’t be around book/music sales without adult supervision and considering what the Old Wench gets I don’t think she qualifies.

Hey – it’s April Flytrap’s Day – it just needed said. :smiley:

On a very boring conference call/WebEx and it’s almost lunchtime. Then a 3 hour meeting from 1-4. sigh

Hmm… Debating impulse buying a car.

It is the model I was thinking ‘You know, I’d like one of them’, and it’s easy to organise getting, being only the next town over, to which there is a bus.

But… it is slightly over what I was planning on paying. Only in the ‘work a few extra shifts’ category, not the ‘sell a kidney’ category, and I do have it, I just wasn’t planning on spending it. Plus, the mileage is pretty high- actually higher than in my current car, but the make and model are known for reliability and lasting ages, and I can find cars for sale of that model and year with mileage twice that for only slightly less, so…


Afternoon all. Spent the morning on the Great April Stockage, which ran to six stores and 80 miles in total, but I got everything I needed for the month (I think). Was followed by the Great Nappage, and soccer starts in about an hour or so. Temp is about 56F, so a little cooler than it has been.

Got my first-ever Debit card in the mail, for an account I don’t use very much, so I’m torn between using it and shredding it. Activated it so I’ll probably use it some to see how it works.

Nut, my rule of car-buying is not to do it until you’re comfortable with doing it. If you can’t be comfortable in spending for it, I’d hold off. IMHO.

BatBoy! Good to hear from you and it sounds like Tasmania was an adventure in several ways. Hope your Mum is alright, for us ‘old folks’, falling is not something we want to do.

{{Juliet}}. Hope they get it fixed and fixed right this time.

wetone, meetings like that is where the minutes are kept and the hours are lost. You have my sympathy.

To everyone else, happy Moanday the First.

Less than 1 hour until my appointment and I’ve already turned into a mess of anxiety. I’m trying not to cry at work, but it hurts and I’m scared. I’m normally a very assertive person, but when I’m in that chair, I turn into a tiny, scared, child. I’m afraid to speak up, I’m afraid of the pain… I’m afraid of everything that happens in that office.