The Arizona "audit"

It’s from the ridiculous to the sublime, and then right back to the ridiculous. Or, maybe the other way around.

I LOVE the fact that the County went even more for Biden than the official count. Biden should start whining about conspiracies against him and illegal votes.

And not all of Texas but only from 4 major urban counties that either went to Biden (Tarrant, Harris, Dallas, i.e. Fort Worth, Houston, Dallas) or went to Trump but was surprisingly closer than expected (Collin - suburban Dallas and typically heavily conservative).

They’re getting set up for the midterms and more importantly for 2024.

Absolutely not! That’s the whole point of the “audits” - not to win but to introduce doubt into our electoral process (and also to temporarily appease the ego of a whiny man-child). Even jokingly, the idea of helping them undermine our democracy is terrifying.

I think the point was to give them a reason to pass their draconian voter restrictions, so that mission is already accomplished.

Obviously, I don’t really want Biden to start whining like the little toddler that the previous president was.

It was also to give cover for future “audits”. And with this result confirming Biden’s win, the claim in future will be that clearly it was a ‘fair’ outcome so there shouldn’t be any objections to more of these on all elections.

Yesterday was the deadline set for Cyber Ninjas and all subcontractors to turn over all communication relating to the “audit”. I have not seen an articles stating that they have done so. Even if they do I imagine it will take some time for the news organizations to go through them and find if there are any smoking guns contained in them.

The final report seems to have done little to dissuade Trump supporters from believing the nonsense they have been spouting, and Trump certainly claimed a victory during his Georgia speech. Still I want to know the e-mails, memos, and all other communication associated with the audit has been made public as law decrees. There may be some interesting details amidst a great pile of boring procedural boilerplate.

Here is the same link that I put into post #31 above (but more discreet): Arizona Senate president tells Cyber Ninjas to 'immediately make available' records on election audit

If this era of right wing nuttery ends in my lifetime I’m gonna look back and marvel at how canny Trumpistas were at demanding that Dems prove their innocence while never being held even remotely accountable for proving their own case.

Will you marvel if it doesn’t end in your lifetime?

How could he? Because he’d be, you know, dead an’ shite.

Heh, my mistake. Okay; how about a deathbed utterance? Last words on a par with Thomas Jefferson Still Survives, maybe?

FWIW, Jefferson had died a few hours earlier.

I hope they’re not “That awful man is still alive.”

Well, if he doesn’t come to my funeral, I won’t go to his.

(Shamelessly, or maybe shamefully, stolen (with minor paraphrasing) from Walt Kelly of Pogo fame.)

Who stole it from way back.

Now in my Facebook feed:

Arizona Election Audit Summary:
Over 50,000 illegal votes in Maricopa County alone, which is 5x what’s needed to overturn Biden’s “victory” in Arizona by 10,547 votes.

The AZ Senate has referred multiple criminal investigations to the AZ Attorney General and people will likely be going to jail.

The Arizona Senate must decertify the 2020 election results and other states need to conduct election audits to restore faith in our voting system.

Where to people get this shit? As far as I can tell, there isn’t a hint of truth in any of it. Yet this kind of stuff is more than enough to convince a sizeable minority that Biden stole the election.

It used to be amusing that dumb people believed something merely because they saw it on the internet. It is no longer amusing, because it turns out that there are LOTS of dumb people, and lots of them vote.

You’re mixing up your prepositions. The word you’re looking for is beneath.

Of course, thank you for the correction.

(And last I have heard no documents have made their way to the public. Remember when subpoenas and court orders used to mean something? Before the party of law and order decided to ignore the rule of law — well, and all decency?)