The "asian prostitute" thread

Coldfire shut down the “Ask the guy who used to frequen Asian prostitutes!” thread. Was there a rule broken here? Or is it just arbitrary, “I don’t happen to like this so I’m pulling the plug?”

I’m new here and just trying to get a feel for what to expect.

More importantly, can Coldfire swear when closing a thread?

Here’s the link, by the way:

Just looks like downsizing. Why employ 2 threads when 1 can do the job.

Not much of a reader, are you kid?

Is that not clear enough for you?

Right. Especially when the subject matter kind of skirts the edge of acceptability as it is. Encouraging illegal activities and all that.

As for swearing, it is to chuckle. You’re upset because Coldfire said “shit”? In a thread about prostitutes? Seems a tad oversensitive to me.

Ack. Should have added a smiley. It was a take on this, but it was a bit obscure.


Whoosh on me then, I guess. I haven’t been around much for the past few months.

Carry on. :slight_smile:

At first I thought it was a parody…but then, when I found it was serious, I agreed with the over-abundance, so to speak. It was taking up space that a useful TMI thread could’ve taken, IMHO.

Wanna know about asian prostitutes? You should just email Late Night with Conan O’Brien announcer Joel, the running gag with him is “asian male prostitutes.” He was stocking up on them after the terror alert went orange, just in case of disaster, lol.

Coldfire can do whatever the fuck he wants. Not only is he Dutch, but he’s on fire and still manages to be ice cold. You know what kinda balls you need to be able to do that? Balls the size of grapefruits, at least.

Coldfire is a free agent. He has diplomatic immunity in the whole fucking world. He can close a thread, punch your cat and kick your dog. And to top it all off, he can make passionate love to your mother, bringing her to multiple orgasms, right in the middle of a public park. The worst that will happen to him is a dissaproving glare from a prudish schoolmarm.

Coldfire can fly. He can change colors to blend in with his environment. He can become invisible. In his spare time, he uses his telekinetic abilities to to cause coolant failures in automobiles belonging to hot young Dutch girls, just so he can pull up in his black Corvette and “rescue” them.

Coldfire has been seen winning a pissing contest against Arnold Schwarzenegger. He can slam dunk a medicine ball in a regulation net. Coldfire can hit a home-run with a bat made of noodles, and he can do similarly amazing things in bizarre Dutch sports involving windmills.

Please don’t question Coldfire’s abilities ever again.

Are you the guys who used to taunt the little freckled girl in third grade? Tgwaty is hosting one of the best threads going right now. He’s new here. He followed board guidelines and asked a question about a moderator’s actions here in the Pit. Quit being jackasses.

No way man. Freckles are hot.

I agree Lib. TGWATY asked for clarification of a mod’s actions in the appropriate forum. You can be civil in the pit. I think Joe K gave the most civil and informative post. Thanks Joe.

friedo: a black Corvette? Don’t make me mad, now.

Sorry. I meant a black tricycle.

That’s better, friedo.

I closed the thread because of redundancy.
If I closed everything I didn’t like, MPSIMS would be emptier and the Pit would be fuller.

And I can ïndeed swear when closing a thread. Ed Zotti told me I could, so nyah.

You know I was expecting a you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry line from you Coldfire :smiley:
But then again, maybe I’m geared up for the hulk movie a little too much…

Now that’s telling him!

Practice your reading skills, Kamandi, and take another look my original question. Now does redundancy fall under “rules” or “I don’t happen to like this?”

I was just wanting to know if this is the kind of board where anything goes as long as it doesn’t explicitly violate a rule, or is it one where moderators exercise personal judgment calls about what is appropriate?

In the latter case, you get surprised more often. Now I know I have to keep in mind that after going to the trouble of starting a thread, it might get shut down unexpectedly. It makes one a little more cautious.

On the other hand, if the thread had broken a rule, I wanted to know what that was.