The Attractiveness Of Joe Schmo.

Hey Girls,

I have heard from more than one female who has watched Joe Schmo, that their opinion of Matt has gone from revile to infatuation over the course of the show so far.

Matt is a nice guy, but he’s also big and lanky and oaf-ish in stature. Even the females on the show seemed to be falling for him.

What’s your opinion?

Fairly goofy-looking but he seems like a genuinely nice person, which–IMO–rockets him right up to the top of the attracto-meter.

He seems to be a genuinely likable guy, even though he is cursed with Aiden Quinn’s voice. He seems to always try to take the high road, and he’s always thinking of the feelings of his housemates. He had me when he told Kip he’d picked the right card. That’s just a nice thing to do, with absolutely nothing in it for himself.

Life is too short to give a second’s worth of consideration to such crap. Get a life!
'Nuff said.

But I suppose life isn’t too short to open and post a thread you have no interest in?

Matt, doing a great job of representing us ‘nice guys’. What do you ladies see in jackasses like “Hutch”?!

I have no opinion on Matt K. Gould, AKA Joe Schmo, but Angela Dodson(“Molly”-the Virgin) is really hot.

I was wondering the very same thing after seeing the last show where he really stood up for himself ala the “producer.” If you originally confused his kindness for weakness you’d have been proven wrong after that show. I was wondering what women thought of him because he’s not an unattractive guy but would usually be put in the “big brother” category. In either case, it’s the show that looks like the schmo.

Matt seems like a decent guy, not bad-looking, but definitely a bit thick. Isn’t that a turnoff, gals?

BTW, what does Matt get when all is said and done? And how they gonna break it to him?

He better get the money or there will be a lot of pissed off people out there.

It is a common misconception that women are “attracted to” all guys in the same way.

For reasons rooted in evolutionary psychology, there are two distince categories of female attraction toward a guy:[ul][li]Attraction toward a guy she’d like to boink, and[/li][li]Attraction toward a guy she’d like to settle down with.[/ul]The first cateory is typically made up of big grunting hairy apes. They don’t have to be jackasses, but being a jackass won’t act against them. This category triggers the subconscious instincts in the woman which say, “Wow, get a load of that great breeding stock! If he gets me pregnent, my kid is going to have great survival odds!” Sexual attraction is the initial response to guys in this category.[/li]
The second category is where the “nice guys” fall. They don’t have to be bad-looking, but less-than-perfect looks won’t act against them. This category triggers the subconscious instincts in the woman which say, “Wow, he’s seems pretty likely to stick around and help protect and provide for me and my offspring!” Often, there is no sexual attraction to guys in this category initially.
Of course, ultimately, what the vast majority of women want is a guy who falls into both categories: Strong, handsome, and confident, yet at the same time caring and compassionate and generous (to her). But such combinations are rare.