The awesome cascade begins tonight

My shipment just came in! I got a processor and a whole bunch of RAM and I’m gonna be an upgradin’ fool. I’m replacing my 1.4GHz CPU with a 2.0 GHz Athlon XP-Mobile (runs cooler and maybe I’ll overclock it later). I’m going from 512MB of PC-2100 to a gigabyte of PC-3200 (the fastest my board will take). And I got my fiancée 512MB of PC-133 RAM to replace her 128MB of PC-100 RAM.

No, we’re cascading down our old parts, so:

My fiancée Jurphette inherits the 1.4GHz processor from me, Jenny Haniver inherits her 1.0GHz processor and my PC-2100 RAM and an old motherboard I had lying around, and my fiancée’s mom inherits Jenny Haniver’s old 850MHz machine and the PC-100 RAM. Some graphics cards and other assorted doodads get swapped.

I’ve been sanding and polishing thermal goo off the old heatsinks, checking processor-to-motherboard compatibility, and laying the hardware out in bizarre OCD-inspired piles all over the computer room, and now the time has come! Wish me the best of luck. If I’ve got any leftover parts, I’m going to build a giant killer robot with 'em.

I giant killer girl robot!!!

…with a Preview Button! :smack: