The Baby on 'Malcolm'

So, the baby’s gender…

[spoiler]WE DON’T KNOW?! They give the kid a gender-neutral name, dress it in gender-neutral clothes, and refer to it as ‘it’ or ‘the baby’ the entire episode! It was funny in the first half when the siren went by as the baby’s gender was stated, but that constant “it,” etc. throughout the second was just annoying.

My vote is for girl. I think that if it were a boy, they would have said something, and perhaps not referred to it as “sweetheart;” the term sounds feminine. Plus, you need the conflict there–5 boys including Hal, against 2 girls including Lois.[/spoiler]

Well, it’s been shown, but in the interest of people like me, who tape shows and watch them later in the week:

They referred to the baby as “him” in the second half-hour. I don’t know why they were cagey about it in the first one, nor do I know why they pretended it was a “one-hour season finale” when it was quite obviously two separate shows.

I don’t remember anyone saying ‘him.’ If they had, wouldn’t they have made a bigger deal out of it, and started referring to it as ‘him’ from then on?

I heard “him” too, near the begining of the 2nd show.

OK, I don’t want to be a pest, but I really didn’t hear “him” anywhere. I didn’t see it on the captions, either. Why would they have said ‘him’ in the beginning and then kept the joke of “its” and “the baby” all throughout the entire show?

So you’d ask about it.

Nope, I agree with Caesar’s Ghost–I was listening for it, especially in at the beginning of the second episode, and I didn’t hear the baby referred to as “him”. In an earlier episode, I thought they had found out the baby was a girl, but I could be wrong.

gender neutral… i didn’t hear a “him” or a “her”

but if we have to bet… i wager on a “her”.

I watched that finale last night and I gotta say, its time to throw in the towel on that show. The stories are so outlandish and unfunny now. Just as in every sitcom-gone-bad the dad gets more and more mentally inept as the series goes on, trying to find more gags. Reese is too old now and do is Dewey.

That finale last night was the most confusing mess I have seen. Not just because of the baby/gender thing, but the whole church thing. Everything. It stank.


King of the Hill was pretty funny though.

I remember thinking, “that is the cleanest newborn I have ever seen!” What did Francis do, blow-dry [it] before handing [it] to Lois?

I did think Cloris Leachman was great. But I always think Cloris Leachman is great.

Newborns on sitcoms are always clean and perfect. It’s only shows like ER that DARE to show the ickiness of a true newborn.

My vote is that the baby is a girl. I thought I heard “him” a few times, but it could easily have been “it” or “them”. Besides, why would they reveal the sex of the baby without making a big deal about it? That’s just not proper sitcom form.

As for the episode, I thought it was pretty funny at times. I absolutely loved Reese’s rendition of “Amazing Grace”.

Jane Kazmarek (or however you spell her name) has stated in an interview they aren’t revealing the gender just yet…since they didn’t know what gender to make it. You’re probably hearing things.

Jane Kazmarek (or however you spell her name) has stated in an interview they aren’t revealing the gender just yet…since they didn’t know what gender to make it. You’re probably hearing things.

They said him at the very end of the first show, when the boys come in to claim the baby. Dewey asks " When’s the last time you changed him?"

Caesar’s Ghost Hal occasionally refers to Dewey as sweetheart on the show, so that not really a good indication, is it?

I’m betting on “her” too.

I thought a heard a him. Networks being what they are these days, I wouldn’t put it past them to have a tiny HIM looped in that episode, and then to mess with us by using an almost inaudible HER in another.

Did notice that the baby was dressed in green (after it was dressed I mean, not when it was smeared with grease.)

The boys definitely called Jamie ‘him’ when they came in to grab the tot from Hal and Lois in the bedroom.

I heard him. Wasn’t there a mention about jamie peeing everywhere? I took that to mean he had a willy.

Hal calls Dewey sweetheart all the time. It’s endearing.

i heard him in both episodes, plus it fits in with the show to have another messy boy.