The Bachelor (4/22): Ewwwww...

I had never seen an episode of The Bachelor until last night…now, I just want to take a shower.

Apparently last night was A Big Night: our hero went on overnight dates (separate rooms) with each of the 3 remaining contestants. The ewww part: during the date, he pulls out a secret envelope given to him by the producer, which invites them to “if you wish, instead of using your individual rooms, take these keys and share a room as a couple” (wink wink nudge nudge).

One of the 3 took ABC and the bachelor up on their offer.

So ABC is now in the pimp business. We’re going to hell in a handbasket.

In all the other episodes, the Bachelor kept trying to shove his tongue down the women’s throats every time he was alone with them. The man is a horn dog, but that’s what keeps the viewers tuned in.

Cool, maybe the ABC president will be on the next installment of *Pimps up, Hos down!

What is wrong with these women? Eww.

Yuck. Another reason I’ve stopped watching NetworkTV. Well, apart from Good Morning America, as I need something low-IQ to get me through the morning.

Now, speaking of GMA…this morning they had a segment on last night’s episode of The Bachelor (ABC loves to cross-breed their shows), and there was nary a mention of that pimp-a-licious behaviour. They just made it sound like a happy-go-lucky, suitable-for-all-ages dating-and-marriage romp. I guess this is what happens when you’re owned by Disney, but still want to get the “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire”/“Jerry Springer” audience. Pass the sick bucket, please…

This show turns my stomach. Set aside all the popular complaints about tackiness and women looking like objects or gold diggers. HOW in the world can you watch some guy take other women out for a test drive and still think his feelings for you are “special” and genuine? Ugh. They are foooooling themselves. And if this guy was so great, he wouldn’t need a tv show to get him a wife.:rolleyes:

This sounds pretty wretched. Assume that I’ve been living in a cave on Mars (or just that I don’t ever watch TV) – anyone care to explain what this show’s about?

Haven’t seen it personally, but it’s similar to Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire. They started off with 25 women, I think, each week the guy kicks a few more out of the running. All the women live together in a big house. At the end, he picks one and she MAY marry him, if she wants.

One of my friends loves these types of shows for one reason “These people humiliate themselves for my amusement, it’s great!”

Amanda Marsh is from Chanute, KS, my “dumpy” hometown! Lived here all my life and i think she pissed off a lot pf people when she said that. Oh well, the show cracks me up.

How big of a loser is this guy? Shouldn’t he be able to get a wife on his own? Must be something they aren’t telling us about him…

My husband and I ran across this show a few weeks ago and were instantly (to our horror) hooked.

I’d tell you more about the show, but I’m at risk for getting drummed out of this forum as it is.