Th Bachelor (TV show)

6 weeks, 25 women, one guy. Now, after the first show, just fifteen women left.

I agree with Jay Leno on this, the guy is questionable because he has voted out the lawyer & the doctor, but kept the Hooters waitress. He has to be the biggest Player of all time.

Do you think he’s really going to go through with it, then? I mean they can’t get to the end of the series and have him say, “Nnnnnah, I don’t really want any of them…”

Has anyone else seen this show? What’s this with the women having to live together in a mansion while all this is going on? Do they interact on camera? Do they get along? Do they seem genuine? Flaky? Greedy? Naive? And what do you think of him?

I’ve seen two of the episodes so far (there have been either two or three). It’s pretty funny. Alex, the Bachelor, seems like a pretty charming fellow. While I think the girls are being somewhat swept up in the whole thing, many are pretty clearly smitten with him, and most of them seem to have a lot on the ball. I guess it just really is tough to meet men. BTW, (SPOILERS), last night he cut the Hooters waitress loose.


I can just see it after he chooses one & marries her & she watches the show again & sees him kissing, etc, all those women. I hope he chooses one of them that is the least jealous.

I went to school w/ one of the “contestants” that did not get picked on the first episode. I won’t name any names,but she claims he was “intimidated” by her. This is the same line she’s been using for ages… Personally, I think she has a bad attitude.

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OK people, I know you’re watching this stupid show, mainly because there is nothing else on on Monday nights.

Item 1: Is it just me, or is this Alex guy a real dork? I don’t think that, in any other situation, any of the final four women would give this loser the time of day! Harvard this, Stanford that . . . give it a rest pal, you are a tool.

Item 2: So after all these dates, all the anguish, he finally narrows it down to . . . the four hottest women! Big surprise! Geeze, I had those four picked out five minutes into the first show! (Like he’s not going to choose the Miami Heat dancer!) (OK, that’s not really a question.)

I just caught this for the first time last night. Alex is definitely a dork!

Since I missed the first shows, I don’t entirely get the premise. Is he rich? He obviously went to the right schools (he works it into the conversation whenever he can…), but what else does he have going for him? What does he do? He’s meeting the girls’ families next week - do they get to meet his? I think that will be telling.

Also, does the brunette get to keep the diamonds and the gown? Or was it just for the night?

And what was up with Rhonda? She had “stalker” written all over her. Was she batty in the first two episodes also? Do you think she was just too soft hearted for the show, or did Alex do something in the earlier episodes to lead her on?


Rhonda isn’t a stalker, she’s just really invested emotionally. Too bad Alex can’t get past her looks.

Yes, the women are being swept off their feet. They’re all under 30 years old, and I’m sure the TV lifestyle must be a rush. It’s like a rockstar fantasy.

I think Alex is 31 years old, and he has a “successful career”. They showed his house, and it’s fancy, professionally decorated, and in a great neighborhood. I’d say he is either rich, or maxxed out on credit and paying a ton of rent.

LaNuisance is LaNnoying! She looks like she dipped her head once too many times in the sugar jar. I also didn’t like how she made a big deal about the interracial thing and how she still talks about her ex-boyfriend.

I like Amanda. Alex responded to her coy remarks about her sexy costumes, and they’ve got chemistry.

Alex does seem to be a player. He tries to kiss each of the girls in front of the camera when they are away from the other girls. I think an entertaining bombshell would be if next week Alex reveals he is gay and you see the shock and horror written on the pained faces of the hopeful women. Hehe, just kidding.

My husband and I caught this for the first time last night and were caught up in horrified delight.

I do NOT understand how these women can get so invested in this project. I mean, how can you be “falling in love” with a guy whom YOU KNOW is doing his best to elicit those sorts of feelings out of every single other woman in the house at the same time? I mean, he’s being his charming best and so are they. I can see feeling strongly attracted to him, but several of these women were saying stronger stuff than that.

Rhonda was freaking us out. When they were previewing the ambulance coming up, I didn’t know whether it was going to be due to someone fainting, or due to Rhonda going nuts and clawing the throat of a rival – or the bachelor himself. Yowsah. She is one needy, intense, catty little bundle of probems.

We’re tuning in next week, and we loathe ourselves for it.

I have a theory about Shannon. She possesses Dark Jedi force powers.


Witness this scene with Rhonda:

I don’t think Trista is in love with Alex and Shannon is just after the ring. Good luck to the other tw… hurk, gag Oh god! choke can’t breathe. can’t… breathe… hrggg!


By the way, I think if Trisa wins (i.e., Alex gets on his knees and says “Trista, will you take this rose?”) she’ll look at him funny and say “Yea, right” and have her agent call Playboy.

I wonder if Shannon has yet figured out that the limo, the diamonds, the penthouse at the Four Seasons and the beach house all belong to Michael Eisner, and not to Alex.

Anybody want to take odds on how soon the ‘winner’ goes on a talk show to complain about what a rat this guy is?

I heard he doesn’t pick any of them and runs off with the pool boy.

I’ve seen all of maybe 10 minutes of this show, between commercials for other shows, but I did cruise by the web site and, IIRC, the guy had to be availabe over a 6-month stretch and the women over a one or two month stretch, so I’m almost betting that there were a number of camera games played over all of that time.

Then again, I really don’t know or care, so…