The back to school blues

Call this a rant, if you want.

In a little over a week I’m heading north to Dartmouth. I’m going to be a freshman. I’m terrified, to say the least. I’ve always lived in the same house, had a (relatively) stable family and ready support network…
and now the friend closest to me will be an hour and a half away
my closest friend will be six hours away
my family will be ten hours away
and quietgirldownthehall will be ten hours away. :frowning:

I have no real concept of what college life is going to be like. I don’t know how many clothes to take. I have not the slightest idea. My dorm room is something like 11 by 10. What can I fit in that? Will my hermit crabs be able to survive? Will I be able to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? ARRGH!

More importantly: Is there any little item that every college kid should have that I simply don’t know about?

It’s not that I’m going to curl up into a fetal ball and wither away, but I’m a little scared. I mean… I don’t want to leave quiet girl. Why does she have to be a year younger, damn it? And I am sick and tired of people saying, “Oh, high school relationships don’t last. You’ll go to college and forget about her.” Good grief. I don’t care if most hs relationships go to hell, I’m not going to throw away a year and a half of happiness just to chase the first co-ed that I see. And I can do ldrs.

Forgive me, I just needed to unburden a little of what’s on my mind. Everyone around me is too busy telling me that I’ll be okay to listen to any concerns I have.

I’ve been ready to go to college since I hit high school. Now that it’s getting closer, tho… I don’t feel like I’m ready at all.

I feel like this should be a dear abby letter,

Good luck at Dartmouth! Don’t take too many clothes, you don’t want to be really cramped. Your hermit crabs?? I have no idea if they will survive or not, but you will and that is the important thing. As far as Buffy… as long as you don’t have a night class during the show, an hour can always be found to watch a babes kicking butt. :smiley:

Some HS relationships do last. As long as you are willing to put the time and effort into keeping in contact everything should be fine.

I don’t think anyone ever feels ready to go away to college. IMHO the most important thing for a college student to have is one sentimental thing in the dorm room reminding you of the people who love you.

As far as clothes go, that’s kind of a personal decision. Lessee…(mumble) years ago, when I first went to college, I took all my t-shirts that fit, all my shorts & jeans, two “nice” dresses, one light coat and one heavy coat. The next year I think I took about half that, but mostly because I didn’t want to move all that stuff and I could come home any weekend I wanted.

11 by 10? Geez, that’s only a little smaller than what I’m living in. But, given that you’re going into a college dorm, isn’t it furnished? You’re in a single, right?

As long as you take care of them your hermit crabs will be fine.

Buffy is undoubtedly a go as long as you don’t need cable to get Fox - if you don’t have your own mini TV there’ll probably be a community TV room in your dorm, and I understand Buffy is popular with the college crowd. (Well, except at my college, but that’s probably what I get for going to a Lutheran University).

If you don’t already have a small caddy for your bathroom stuff, that would be a priority. If the college lets you hang things on your door, then some sort of board to leave messages on is another useful, but not necessary item.

I took a small self-heating pot for tea; if you’re a coffee drinker you may want a small coffee maker. Also, don’t forget your alarm clock (I made this mistake…sigh.)

I can’t help you with the relationship part of this, but it is scary to go away to school. Heck, I’m 31, and I went back to school just last year, moving 2 hours away from family & friends, and I was still terrified. All your concerns are valid, but you will be fine. Remember, for the most part everyone in your dorm will probably be in the same boat you are - new and uncertain.

Relax! Take it for the ride it is; though you’ll undoubtedly keep some of the friendships you’ve had in the past, you’ll make lots of new ones. I’m still very close to both my best friend from high school and the five or so good friends I met at the gaming club in college.

Hm…I know the “n” word is a bad thing to throw around, but, well, see my comments above. It’s okay to be worried, it’s okay to be afraid, but you know what? You’ll probably have a lot of fun.

Just watch your phone bill. :wink:

Getting into a routine of some sort will help you a lot, andygirl. It seems scary now because you don’t know anything at all about how it’s going to be there. But once you’ve gone to class a few times, gone to the library or cafeteria a few times, and most importantly made a few friends, it won’t be so bad.

Keep something to remind you of home in your dorm room. It’ll be nice to be able to return to your room and see something familiar there.

Your relationship with quietgirl can make it through just fine. Ignore those doofuses who say otherwise.