The Backyardigans: What the hell is Uniquia?

Pablo is a penguin, Tyrone is a moose, Tasha is a hippo and Austin is a kangaroo, but what the hell is Uniqua, does anyone know?
It’s a cute show, my toddler loves it.

Uniqua isn’t supposed to be anything… that’s why she’s "Unique"a. :wink:

Oops… I was going to mention that it was my favorite show when Sophie was little enough to watch the Backyardigans. I even started a thread about it here, but I think it got very little replies.

Ahhh… here it is.

The music on The Backyardigans is several wide notches above that of the other kids’ shows out there for that age group. Seriously, compare those songs and performances to The Wiggles, The Doodlebops (gag), Dora The Explorer, or any of the other music-heavy kids’ shows.

Oh, what was the OP? I have no idea what kind of animal she is. Wiki doesn’t either.

I thought they were reworked standards or little-known (i.e., cheap to acquire the rights of) Broadway tunes.

I thought Uniqua was an ant. That’s what she looks like.

Not that I’ve come across many singing, dancing, toddler-sized pink ants in my lifetime . . . but she does resemble the few that I have met.

I’d object to including the Wiggles in that list, but otherwise I’d fully agree.

According to Nick Jr , she’s a Uniquia!

Huh. Wouldn’t that be like my having the first name Human?

I like the music, it’s…kicky. Totally off topic but my 4-year-old has suddenly decided that it’s fun to talk like Caillou. I try not to react, because I think she wants us to react, but I f’ing **hate **Caillou.

I can report that Mr.Poysyn and I had the “Werman Polka” in our heads for a loooong time.

Or is it Worman?

Catchy little tune though

I’ll take some of what you’re on, please.


Doin’ that Yeti stomp!

That’s been stuck in my head about a week, now.

Also, to those of you complaining about the Doodlebops and Caillou, let me formally apologize on behalf of all Canadians.

Wikipedia makes some weird comment about there being “much controversy” over what exactly she is. The wife and I laughed about that one. Great show with catchy tunes. I point out some of the things that make no sense in each show and my wife tells me to shut up, so we enjoy it and our toddler loves it.


According to Nick Jr UK, Uniquia is a…Uniquia. Kind of like if we all had the first name ‘Human’, I guess.

Ginger, I accept said apology.

Yep, everything I’ve read indicates that she’s just Uniqua, or as my daughter would say, “Neeka!” I think she’s just supposed to be one of a kind. Of course, that makes me wonder what her parents look like.

I always thought she was an alien. Being a Canadian show, and given that Canada likes to pride itself on its ethnic diversity, I kinda assumed that Uniqua was some kind of subtle, play-on-words, tip of the hat to immigrants.

Sonaova! I’d asked my daughters this same question the other day. They didn’t have an answer. Gosh, I’m so glad I know now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shhh! Shh! Secret Agent! :eek: